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Short Answer Questions

1. Wharton compares the chill in the Frome's kitchen to ______________________________.

2. Ethan and Mattie discuss the marriage of ________________________.

3. Most of their quiet or intimate moments are interrupted by _____________________.

4. Mattie's only skills include _______________________________________.

5. As he travels to town, Ethan dreams about ______________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Ethan and Mattie finally free to speak about openly now that Mattie is leaving?

2. Why does Ethan find Zeena's silences unsettling?

3. Why is Mattie forced to move her trunk by herself until Ethan comes to help her?

4. What clues does Ethan have that Zeena's return will not be a pleasant one?

5. What was Ethan doing before he returned to Starkfield?

6. Describe Zeena Frome.

7. How is Ethan once again annoyed by Denis Eady in Chapter 6?

8. Why does Ethan give up on the hope of money from Andrew Hale?

9. Who finally takes action to determine the outcome of Ethan and Mattie's situation?

10. How do Zeena and Mattie get along after the accident?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider the minor characters in the novel, such as Harmon Gow, Jotham Powell, Andrew Hale, or Ruth Varnum Hale, and write an essay in which you describe the influence of any minor character's actions on the events or theme of the text.

Essay Topic 2

Martin Luther said that "Thoughts pay no duty." Considering the difference between Ethan Frome's thoughts and his many actions of duty performed in the novel, write an essay in which you defend, refute or qualify Luther's quote using Ethan Frome as support for your argument.

Essay Topic 3

Hal Borland said, "No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." Consdering this quote, write an essay in which you argue whether or not Ethan's symbolic "winter" has lasted forever, or whether spring has come to him in any way. Use specific examples to support your text.

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