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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Instead of asking the Hales for money, Ethan _________________________.
(a) Goes to the train station.
(b) Goes home.
(c) Hides out in the barn.
(d) Goes to visit Jotham Powell.

2. Why has no stranger set foot in the Fromes' house in twenty years?
(a) Ethan Frome is too ashamed of his past actions to entertain friends.
(b) Ethan Frome has grown angry and unfriendly.
(c) Ethan Frome is too ashamed of Zeena and Mattie.
(d) Ethan Frome is too proud to let anyone see how he lives.

3. Wharton describes Ethan's mood as ________________________.
(a) Cautiously optimistic.
(b) Irrationally fearful.
(c) Hesitantly happy.
(d) Irrationally happy.

4. Ethan believes Mattie understands ________________________________.
(a) His need to get the lumber delivered.
(b) His unwillingness to help her around the house.
(c) His desire to keep Zeena from arriving at home.
(d) His urgency to be alone with her again.

5. How does Ethan solve the glue problem?
(a) He uses wood glue from his shed to fix the dish.
(b) He throws the dish away.
(c) He buys it at another store.
(d) He uses flour paste to fix the dish.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ethan finds Mattie crying because __________________________________.

2. Ethan perceives Zeena's tone as __________________________.

3. What surprises Mrs. Hale and her mother?

4. When Zeena arrives home, she ______________________________.

5. What excuse does Zeena use to try to keep Ethan from driving Mattie to the train?

Short Essay Questions

1. What inspires Ethan to try to leave Zeena?

2. Aside from Mattie, where does Ethan continue to find inspiration and beauty?

3. What is Zeena's true purpose in hiring a girl to take care of her and their home?

4. What is significant about Zeena's behavior that day?

5. Who finally takes action to determine the outcome of Ethan and Mattie's situation?

6. What is the one rebellion Ethan finally allows himself?

7. How is Ethan once again annoyed by Denis Eady in Chapter 6?

8. What might the weather foreshadow about Ethan's plans for the day?

9. Why is Ethan willing to overlook his pride to renew his request for money from Andrew Hale?

10. What does Zeena spend her time doing since the accident?

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