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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Zeena objects to doctors' suggestions ___________________________.
(a) That she move to a warmer climate.
(b) That she has any sort of illness.
(c) That she have an operation.
(d) That she have a psychological examination.

2. Instead of asking the Hales for money, Ethan _________________________.
(a) Goes to visit Jotham Powell.
(b) Goes home.
(c) Goes to the train station.
(d) Hides out in the barn.

3. How does Zeena find the broken pickle dish?
(a) She finds it when she goes looking for medicinal powders.
(b) She finds it when the cat brings pieces of it into the kitchen.
(c) She finds pieces of it in the trash.
(d) She finds it when she goes to unpack her clothing.

4. Why does Ethan insist on sitting in the front of the sled?
(a) He wants to feel the air in his face.
(b) He wants to feel Mattie's arms around him.
(c) He wants to be able to steer the sled.
(d) He wants to absorb the shock when they hit the elm.

5. After the sled accident, Mattie _____________________________________.
(a) Was cast out again by Zeena and Ethan.
(b) Was cared for by the Eady family.
(c) Was brought to recover at the Hales' house.
(d) Was sent back to her family in another town.

Short Answer Questions

1. What task do Ethan and Mattie carry out together?

2. Wharton describes Zeena as possessing an air of ___________________.

3. Throughout the morning, Ethan continues to feel a spirit of ______________________.

4. Ethan finds Zeena _______________________________.

5. What emotion does Mrs. Hale express for Ethan?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Ethan and Mattie finally free to speak about openly now that Mattie is leaving?

2. What has given Zeena a new air of authority?

3. Aside from Mattie, where does Ethan continue to find inspiration and beauty?

4. What reason does Ethan give Mattie for Zeena sending her away?

5. Why is Ethan willing to overlook his pride to renew his request for money from Andrew Hale?

6. What does Zeena's continued good mood show about her character?

7. How does Ethan's perception of Zeena change during their argument?

8. What might the weather foreshadow about Ethan's plans for the day?

9. Why does Ethan perceive himself as impotent in his situation?

10. Describe Mattie as the narrator sees her.

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