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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What solution does Mattie propose to their situation?
(a) Mattie proposes they visit one another.
(b) Mattie proposes they drive Zeena away.
(c) Mattie proposes they leave together, even without any money.
(d) Mattie proposes they sled into the elm tree, killing themselves.

2. How does Zeena find the broken pickle dish?
(a) She finds pieces of it in the trash.
(b) She finds it when the cat brings pieces of it into the kitchen.
(c) She finds it when she goes looking for medicinal powders.
(d) She finds it when she goes to unpack her clothing.

3. What does Zeena want to question Mattie about before she leaves?
(a) Some of Mattie's recipes.
(b) Ethan's behavior.
(c) More broken dishes.
(d) Missing household items.

4. Ethan needs to go into town to run what errand?
(a) He needs to pick up the hired girl from the train station.
(b) He needs to pick up Zeena's medicine.
(c) He needs to buy a new dish for Zeena.
(d) He needs to buy glue to fix the pickle dish.

5. In the morning, Ethan convinces himself that ________________________________.
(a) Mattie will be better off with her relatives.
(b) Mattie does not know she has to leave.
(c) Zeena was lying about hiring another girl.
(d) Zeena might change her mind about Mattie leaving.

Short Answer Questions

1. Secretly, Ethan wanted to put off his trip into town because it meant _________________________________.

2. Ethan returns home to find _____________________________________.

3. Ethan finds Zeena _______________________________.

4. For Ethan, Zeena personifies ______________________________-.

5. Ethan does not ask the Hales for money because _____________________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way would Ethan have "lived" if Mattie had died, according to Mrs. Hale?

2. What has given Zeena a new air of authority?

3. What clues does Ethan have that Zeena's return will not be a pleasant one?

4. Who finally takes action to determine the outcome of Ethan and Mattie's situation?

5. What does Zeena's continued good mood show about her character?

6. Aside from Mattie, where does Ethan continue to find inspiration and beauty?

7. How does Mrs. Hale suggest the Fromes in the graveyard are different from the Fromes up at the farm?

8. Why does Ruth Hale believe Ethan Frome suffers so badly?

9. What is Zeena's true purpose in hiring a girl to take care of her and their home?

10. Why does Ethan perceive himself as impotent in his situation?

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