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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan's mother suggested she was listening to ___________________________.
(a) Voices from the cemetery.
(b) The radio.
(c) Voices in her head.
(d) The television.

2. Mattie worries that Zeena ______________________________.
(a) Is not satisfied with Ethan's farming abilities.
(b) Is not satisfied with her work.
(c) Is jealous of Mattie's affair with Ethan.
(d) Is jealous of Mattie's money.

3. Lying in bed the previous night, Ethan regretted __________________________.
(a) Getting caught holding Mattie when Zeena opened the door.
(b) Not leaving Zeena long ago.
(c) Kissing Mattie.
(d) Not kissing Mattie.

4. Where is Ethan Frome going at the start of Chapter 1?
(a) Ethan is walking to the church in town to pick up his wife's cousin.
(b) Ethan is walking back to the farm to find his wife's cousin.
(c) Ethan is going a neighboring town to seek a doctor for his wife.
(d) Ethan is walking to the church to escort Mattie and Michael Eady back to town.

5. Ethan tries to disguise Mattie's unskilled efforts at housekeeping by ______________________________.
(a) Claiming that she should not be asked to work.
(b) Doing most of her chores for her.
(c) Quietly asking her to do her chores over again.
(d) Sneaking downstairs to clean up during the night.

Short Answer Questions

1. As he travels to town, Ethan dreams about ______________________________.

2. Mattie confesses her fear that ____________________________.

3. Ethan asks Mattie _________________________________.

4. Wharton compares the darkened farmhouses to ________________.

5. While Mattie dances, Ethan notices ________________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way does Ethan finally attempt a physical connection between himself and Mattie?

2. Why has Zeena stayed up waiting for Ethan and Mattie?

3. Why does Ethan mention to Mattie that he saw Ned and Ruth kissing earlier?

4. What is ironic about Mattie's greeting when Ethan arrives home?

5. What is Ethan's reaction to finding Ned and Ruth Varnum kissing among the trees?

6. Describe Zeena's appearance when she opens the door for Ethan and Mattie.

7. What does Ethan enjoy sharing with Mattie that he cannot share with Zeena?

8. Why is Zeena traveling to Bettsbridge?

9. Describe Ethan and Zeena as they fall asleep at night.

10. If winter has kept him "frozen" in the same old patterns, what might the coming spring promise for Ethan Frome?

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