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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan puts his arm around Mattie ________________________.
(a) To demonstrate his ownership of her to Denis Eady.
(b) To show her his intentions.
(c) To steady her as they walk.
(d) To console her.

2. When Mattie tried stenography and bookkeeping, _________________________________.
(a) Her health broke down.
(b) She had great success.
(c) Her attitude prevented her from succeeding.
(d) She became valuable to her family members.

3. Zeena asks Ethan if Jotham Powell can _________________________.
(a) Drive her to the train station.
(b) Drive her to Michael Eady's store.
(c) Bring the lumber to Mr. Hale.
(d) Accompany her to the doctor's office.

4. Ethan and Mattie do not go sledding that evening because ___________________________.
(a) It is too cold outside.
(b) It is too dark outside.
(c) Mattie forgot their plans to go sledding.
(d) Ethan forgot their plans to go sledding.

5. Ethan claims he needs to collect money from Mr. Hale because ____________________________________.
(a) He needs an excuse to get Jotham Powell out of the house.
(b) He needs an excuse to buy Mattie a gift.
(c) He needs an excuse to avoid driving Zeena to the Flats.
(d) He needs an excuse to visit Mr. Hale.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gives Ethan a sense of mastery at the end of the chapter?

2. With Mattie, Ethan feels ____________________.

3. Who almost runs into the elm when sledding?

4. Zeena does not want to move from Starkfield because ________________________________________.

5. What motif continues to suggest a promise of happiness or well-being for Ethan at the start of Chapter 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are Ethan and Mattie continually reminded of Zeena?

2. Why does Mattie feel she may have displeased Zeena?

3. Describe the overall mood of Chapter 1.

4. Describe Zeena Frome.

5. What concerns does Ethan Frome express about Mattie Silver throughout the chapter?

6. Why does Zeena's family refuse to help Mattie when her father dies?

7. What does Ethan allow himself to fantasize about during his walk home with Mattie?

8. Why does Ethan find Zeena's silences unsettling?

9. What is the atmosphere between Ethan and Mattie like after dinner?

10. Describe Ethan and Zeena as they fall asleep at night.

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