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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the narrator arrives at Ethan's house he finds ___________________________________.
(a) The house is dark and deserted.
(b) Only Mattie waiting for Ethan.
(c) Only Zeena waiting for Ethan.
(d) Two women waiting for Ethan.

2. Wharton describes Ethan's mood as ________________________.
(a) Hesitantly happy.
(b) Irrationally fearful.
(c) Irrationally happy.
(d) Cautiously optimistic.

3. Who, from the description Wharton offers, appears to be the healthier of the women?
(a) Zeena.
(b) The hired girl.
(c) Ruth Varnum.
(d) Mattie.

4. Before they strike the elm, Ethan has a last vision of __________________________.
(a) The cemetery by his home.
(b) His mother.
(c) Zeena's face.
(d) Mattie's face.

5. What surprises Mrs. Hale and her mother?
(a) The narrator's desire to talk about the Fromes.
(b) The narrator's refusal to speak of the Fromes.
(c) The narrator's risking his safety in the storm.
(d) The narrator's story of his night at the Fromes'.

6. Why hasn't the fire been lit?
(a) Zeena refused to light it until Ethan got home.
(b) Zeena fell asleep all afternoon and did not tend the fire.
(c) Mattie does not like the room to be kept warm.
(d) Ethan cannot afford firewood.

7. Why isn't Zeena fooled by Ethan's claim that the cat broke her pickle dish?
(a) Zeena knows Mattie used the dish.
(b) Zeena found the glue Ethan brought home.
(c) Zeena found the pieces placed carefully back together.
(d) Zeena never believes her cat can cause harm.

8. Ethan finds that Zeena's refusal to eat is usually followed by ___________________________________.
(a) Her remaining in bed for several days.
(b) Her refusal to speak to him.
(c) Her coming down to supper anyway.
(d) An increase in her symptoms.

9. Ethan needs to go into town to run what errand?
(a) He needs to buy glue to fix the pickle dish.
(b) He needs to buy a new dish for Zeena.
(c) He needs to pick up the hired girl from the train station.
(d) He needs to pick up Zeena's medicine.

10. Who confesses the truth about the broken dish?
(a) Zeena.
(b) Ethan.
(c) Mattie.
(d) Jotham.

11. Zeena claims the need for a hired girl forces her to ___________________________.
(a) Refuse to pay Mattie's wages.
(b) Borrow money.
(c) Send Mattie away.
(d) Build a second bedroom.

12. As he prepares the sorrel, Ethan remembers ______________________________.
(a) The day he first brought Zeena home.
(b) The day his mother died.
(c) The day he drove to the station to meet Mattie.
(d) The day he returned to Starkfield.

13. What word does Zeena use to describe the state of her health?
(a) She says she has troubles.
(b) She says she has complications.
(c) She says she has vapors.
(d) She says she has tremors.

14. How has Zeena changed since the accident?
(a) Zeena has gained strength and now cares for Ethan and Mattie.
(b) Zeena has grown quiet like Ethan's mother.
(c) Zeena feels responsible for the accident, and this exaggerates her illness.
(d) Zeena has grown affectionate and loving with Ethan.

15. Why has no stranger set foot in the Fromes' house in twenty years?
(a) Ethan Frome is too proud to let anyone see how he lives.
(b) Ethan Frome is too ashamed of his past actions to entertain friends.
(c) Ethan Frome has grown angry and unfriendly.
(d) Ethan Frome is too ashamed of Zeena and Mattie.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Zeena arrives home, she ______________________________.

2. Ethan cannot buy glue from Michael Eady's store because _______________________________.

3. Instead of asking the Hales for money, Ethan _________________________.

4. When Ethan returns to Mattie, he tells her _______________________________.

5. What task do Ethan and Mattie carry out together?

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