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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan recalls that Mattie's few belongings had _____________________________________.
(a) Brought life and comfort into the bare room.
(b) Been extravagant and self-indulgent.
(c) Made the room look shabby and old.
(d) Brought attention to her beauty.

2. Why hasn't the fire been lit?
(a) Zeena fell asleep all afternoon and did not tend the fire.
(b) Mattie does not like the room to be kept warm.
(c) Zeena refused to light it until Ethan got home.
(d) Ethan cannot afford firewood.

3. What clues suggest the Fromes are very poor?
(a) Their refusal to offer the narrator food or shelter.
(b) The skinny women and the lack of shelter.
(c) The broken dishes and poor furnishings.
(d) The lack of food and fire.

4. Who confesses the truth about the broken dish?
(a) Mattie.
(b) Zeena.
(c) Ethan.
(d) Jotham.

5. After the accident, the town ___________________________________.
(a) Turned against Ethan, Zeena, and Mattie.
(b) Gossiped about why Mattie and Ethan were sledding.
(c) Reported Ethan and Mattie's behavior to Zeena.
(d) Gathered to care for Mattie and Ethan.

6. Ethan and Jotham put off their trip into town because ________________________.
(a) A heavy snow was falling.
(b) The roads were flooded.
(c) The roads were melting and muddy.
(d) The roads were icy.

7. Ethan believes that Zeena's one pleasure is __________________________________.
(a) Inflicting pain on him.
(b) Nursing her illness.
(c) Helping others.
(d) Punishing the weak.

8. What pleasure do Mattie and Ethan allow themselves before the train comes?
(a) They go sledding.
(b) They have coffee together.
(c) They write each other goodbye letters.
(d) They walk into town.

9. Wharton describes Zeena as possessing an air of ___________________.
(a) Tragedy.
(b) Authority.
(c) Sickness.
(d) Insanity.

10. How does Ethan solve the glue problem?
(a) He throws the dish away.
(b) He uses wood glue from his shed to fix the dish.
(c) He uses flour paste to fix the dish.
(d) He buys it at another store.

11. Ethan knows he cannot leave Starkfield with Mattie because ________________________________________.
(a) Underneath it all, he still loves Zeena.
(b) Zeena's family would prevent him from leaving.
(c) He has no money, and no way of borrowing any in town.
(d) Mattie would not want to leave town in disgrace.

12. What does Mattie plan to do after leaving Starkfield?
(a) She will try to connect with her family.
(b) She will try to get hired as a maid.
(c) She will try to get a job in a store.
(d) She will try to go back to college.

13. In his anguish, Ethan finds the nerve to _____________________.
(a) Demand money from Andrew Hale.
(b) Tell Mattie she is no longer welcome.
(c) Kiss Mattie.
(d) Stand up to Zeena.

14. In his study, Ethan toys with the idea of ________________________________________.
(a) Writing Zeena a goodbye letter and leaving with Mattie.
(b) Writing down his feelings for Mattie.
(c) Firing Jotham Powell so he can afford to keep Mattie.
(d) Selling the farm so he can follow Mattie.

15. Whose presence at breakfast compels Ethan to hide his happiness at being alone with Mattie?
(a) Andrew Hale.
(b) Zeena.
(c) Ruth Farnum.
(d) Jotham Powell.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ethan cannot buy glue from Michael Eady's store because _______________________________.

2. According to Ruth Hale, who suffers most at the Fromes' house?

3. Mattie's note to Ethan reads ___________________________.

4. When Ethan sees Zeena he is moved by what emotion?

5. Ethan's room is unusable for several months of the year because ______________________________________.

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