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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mattie knows Ethan slept in the unheated study because ________________________________.
(a) She heard him come in late the night before.
(b) She stayed up all night watching for him.
(c) She knows Zeena kicked him out of the bedroom.
(d) She heard him smashing things in there.

2. What excuse does Zeena use to try to keep Ethan from driving Mattie to the train?
(a) She claims he needs to fix the stove in his study.
(b) She claims he needs to fix the stove in Mattie's room.
(c) She claims she is feeling her sickness coming on again.
(d) She claims Mattie does not want him to drive her.

3. Instead of asking the Hales for money, Ethan _________________________.
(a) Goes to the train station.
(b) Goes home.
(c) Hides out in the barn.
(d) Goes to visit Jotham Powell.

4. What emotion does Mrs. Hale express for Ethan?
(a) Jealousy.
(b) Indifference.
(c) Anger.
(d) Sympathy.

5. Ethan does not ask the Hales for money because _____________________________________.
(a) He knows they have fallen on hard times.
(b) They are likely to tell Zeena about it.
(c) They have never been particularly kind to him.
(d) He sees that he is being deceptive and selfish.

6. Later, Zeena insisted _____________________________________.
(a) On bringing Mattie to the train herself.
(b) On bringing Mattie her trunk so she could have her things.
(c) On bringing Mattie over to the Hales' to visit.
(d) On bringing Mattie back to the Fromes' house.

7. When Zeena arrives home, she ______________________________.
(a) Demands that Mattie make dinner immediately.
(b) Tells Mattie she has hired a new girl.
(c) Goes right to her room without saying anything.
(d) Leaves again to visit the town doctor.

8. When Ethan sees Zeena he is moved by what emotion?
(a) Love.
(b) Compassion.
(c) Hatred.
(d) Lust.

9. What task do Ethan and Mattie carry out together?
(a) They carry Zeena's rocking chair over to the window.
(b) They clean up the room for the hired girl.
(c) They carry Zeena out ot the sleigh.
(d) They carry Mattie's trunk out to the sleigh.

10. What details does the narrator provide about the Fromes?
(a) He says he does not wish to discuss the matter.
(b) He says he was treated with kindness and slept in the study.
(c) He says he was given food and sent on his way.
(d) He says he was given dinner and slept in the barn.

11. Ethan intends to hurry home for dinner so that __________________________________-.
(a) He can avoid seeing Zeena in town.
(b) He can send Jotham can go home early.
(c) He can enjoy his last moments alone with Mattie before Zeena arrives.
(d) He can serve Mattie instead of having her serve him.

12. Ethan invites Jotham to dinner because _______________________________________.
(a) He knows Zeena will not ask about money with Jotham there.
(b) He needs to talk to Jotham about his work.
(c) He wants a neutral presence there since Zeena has returned.
(d) He wants an objective observer to hear Zeena's health complaints.

13. Ethan perceives Zeena's tone as __________________________.
(a) Happily vindictive.
(b) Sadly defeated.
(c) Cheerfully upbeat.
(d) Dryly resolute.

14. As they head into town, Ethan points out ____________________________________________.
(a) Several places Mattie might go after leaving Starkfield.
(b) The positive aspects of Mattie's situation.
(c) Several places where he and Mattie had been together.
(d) A place where they might hide out from Zeena.

15. For Ethan, Zeena personifies ______________________________-.
(a) All his failures and humiliations.
(b) His dishonesty and treachery.
(c) His love and support.
(d) All his triumphs and successes.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the accident, the town ___________________________________.

2. What reminds Ethan of Mattie as he walks to town?

3. Why is the lumber especially hard for Ethan to load?

4. What does Zeena want to question Mattie about before she leaves?

5. Why does Ethan think Zeena has not arrived at home yet?

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