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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mattie confesses her fear that ____________________________.
(a) Zeena is displeased with her.
(b) Zeena will know about their evening together.
(c) Ethan has fallen in love with her.
(d) She will have to marry Denis Eady.

2. Because Ethan is too afraid to touch Mattie, he settles for _______________________________.
(a) Kissing the fabric she is sewing.
(b) Holding her hands while they talk.
(c) Kissing the cat on the head.
(d) Pressing his cheek against hers.

3. Ethan looks forward to the walks to meet Mattie because ______________________________.
(a) He needs the exercise.
(b) These are the only opportunities he has to be alone with her.
(c) They allow him to socialize with the townspeople.
(d) These are his only opportunities to be alone at night.

4. Ethan now sees the cemetery as ____________________________.
(a) The promise of continuance and stability.
(b) The threat of stagnancy.
(c) The promise of excitement and the unknown.
(d) The threat of death.

5. Who visited Mattie while Ethan was away during the day?
(a) Daniel Byrne.
(b) Denis Eady.
(c) Jotham Powell.
(d) Andrew Hale.

6. When Mattie tried stenography and bookkeeping, _________________________________.
(a) Her attitude prevented her from succeeding.
(b) She became valuable to her family members.
(c) Her health broke down.
(d) She had great success.

7. Wharton compares Mattie's hair to "a drift of mist on the moon," which suggests ___________________________.
(a) Fear and doom.
(b) Ugliness and coarseness.
(c) Fantasy and impermanence.
(d) Logic and reality.

8. Mattie's only skills include _______________________________________.
(a) Making medicine, nursing others, and household chores.
(b) Making candy, playing piano minimally, and reciting poetry.
(c) Book-keeping and clerical work.
(d) Making dresses and singing.

9. Where is Ethan Frome going at the start of Chapter 1?
(a) Ethan is walking to the church to escort Mattie and Michael Eady back to town.
(b) Ethan is walking to the church in town to pick up his wife's cousin.
(c) Ethan is walking back to the farm to find his wife's cousin.
(d) Ethan is going a neighboring town to seek a doctor for his wife.

10. Ethan knows Zeena has made plans because _____________________________________.
(a) She is wearing her pajamas.
(b) She has ordered a taxi to take her to town.
(c) She is still in bed when he gets home.
(d) She is dressed in traveling clothes.

11. Ethan recognizes Mattie by her _________________________.
(a) Wave from across the room.
(b) Cherry-colored hair.
(c) Voice.
(d) Cherry-colored scarf.

12. Ethan claims sledding is dangerous on a night like this one because ___________________________________.
(a) It is so dark that they might not find their way home.
(b) It is bad luck to sled when there is no moon outside.
(c) It is so cold that he would not be able to steer the sled.
(d) It is so dark that they might hit the elm tree.

13. Wharton compares the chill in the Frome's kitchen to ______________________________.
(a) Zeena's heart.
(b) A darkened hearth.
(c) A vault after the dry cold of a night.
(d) The landscape of Starkfield.

14. Ethan does his clearest thinking while _______________________________.
(a) Working familiar outdoor tasks.
(b) Driving the lumber to town.
(c) Talking to Zeena.
(d) Feeding the horses.

15. Zeena finally stopped criticizing Mattie when __________________________________.
(a) Mattie begged Zeena's forgiveness.
(b) Mattie grew stronger and more competent.
(c) Mattie asked Zeena to train her properly.
(d) Mattie grew silent and obedient.

Short Answer Questions

1. As he travels to town, Ethan dreams about ______________________________.

2. Zeena believes Mattie enjoys living in Starkfield only because ______________________________.

3. Ethan's love of nature does not extend to ___________________.

4. What word best describes the mood of the scene between Ethan and Mattie?

5. Since the previous night, Ethan feels a sense of _______________.

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