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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Afterward.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wharton describes Zeena as possessing an air of ___________________.
(a) Tragedy.
(b) Sickness.
(c) Authority.
(d) Insanity.

2. In his anguish, Ethan finds the nerve to _____________________.
(a) Demand money from Andrew Hale.
(b) Tell Mattie she is no longer welcome.
(c) Stand up to Zeena.
(d) Kiss Mattie.

3. What motif continues to suggest a promise of happiness or well-being for Ethan at the start of Chapter 4?
(a) The motif of light.
(b) The motif of color.
(c) The motif of water.
(d) The motif of darkness.

4. What pleasure do Mattie and Ethan allow themselves before the train comes?
(a) They write each other goodbye letters.
(b) They have coffee together.
(c) They go sledding.
(d) They walk into town.

5. Ethan recognizes Mattie by her _________________________.
(a) Voice.
(b) Wave from across the room.
(c) Cherry-colored hair.
(d) Cherry-colored scarf.

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse does Zeena use to try to keep Ethan from driving Mattie to the train?

2. After the accident, the town ___________________________________.

3. Why does Ethan insist on sitting in the front of the sled?

4. Which of her partners offers Mattie a ride home?

5. Why isn't Zeena fooled by Ethan's claim that the cat broke her pickle dish?

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