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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Afterward.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan does not ask the Hales for money because _____________________________________.
(a) They are likely to tell Zeena about it.
(b) They have never been particularly kind to him.
(c) He knows they have fallen on hard times.
(d) He sees that he is being deceptive and selfish.

2. Ethan asks Mattie to sit in Zeena's chair because _____________________________.
(a) He cannot see her from where he sits.
(b) He wants to see how she would look there in place of his wife.
(c) He can not hear her from across the room.
(d) He wants to pretend they are married.

3. When Zeena opens the door, Ethan is surprised by _______________________.
(a) Her cold nature.
(b) Her gaunt appearance.
(c) Her excitement over their return.
(d) Her refusal to let them enter.

4. Ethan dreads Zeena's trips to the doctor because _____________________________.
(a) They cost so much.
(b) She returns sicker than she was when she left.
(c) She never trusts what the doctors say.
(d) He does not believe she is sick.

5. The sled allows Ethan a feeling of ________________.
(a) Escape.
(b) Duty.
(c) Doom.
(d) Submission.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mattie is encouraged to enjoy evenings out because _______________________________.

2. Throughout the morning, Ethan continues to feel a spirit of ______________________.

3. How is the pickle dish broken?

4. At the end of the chapter, Ethan's last thoughts are about _____________________________.

5. Why is Zeena still awake when Ethan and Mattie arrive at home?

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