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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What motif continues to suggest a promise of happiness or well-being for Ethan at the start of Chapter 4?
(a) The motif of color.
(b) The motif of water.
(c) The motif of light.
(d) The motif of darkness.

2. Ethan invites Jotham to dinner because _______________________________________.
(a) He knows Zeena will not ask about money with Jotham there.
(b) He wants an objective observer to hear Zeena's health complaints.
(c) He wants a neutral presence there since Zeena has returned.
(d) He needs to talk to Jotham about his work.

3. Wharton compares the chill in the Frome's kitchen to ______________________________.
(a) Zeena's heart.
(b) A vault after the dry cold of a night.
(c) A darkened hearth.
(d) The landscape of Starkfield.

4. Whose presence at breakfast compels Ethan to hide his happiness at being alone with Mattie?
(a) Jotham Powell.
(b) Ruth Farnum.
(c) Andrew Hale.
(d) Zeena.

5. What gives Ethan a sense of mastery at the end of the chapter?
(a) Building a fire and cleaning up the house.
(b) Giving Mattie orders.
(c) Quelling Mattie's fears over the broken pickle dish.
(d) Knowing he had deceived Zeena.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mattie is encouraged to enjoy evenings out because _______________________________.

2. Ethan and Jotham put off their trip into town because ________________________.

3. Mattie is afraid ______________________________________________.

4. When Mattie tried stenography and bookkeeping, _________________________________.

5. Ethan recognizes Mattie by her _________________________.

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