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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Zeena believes Mattie enjoys living in Starkfield only because ______________________________.
(a) Mattie can live rent-free with Zeena and Ethan.
(b) Mattie has no other place to go.
(c) Mattie has her sights set on marriage.
(d) Mattie is in love with Ethan.

2. The day's bad weather foreshadows _________________________.
(a) Mattie's rejection of Ethan.
(b) An unhappy reunion with Zeena.
(c) Ethan's bankruptcy.
(d) The death of Ethan's horses.

3. What motif continues to suggest a promise of happiness or well-being for Ethan at the start of Chapter 4?
(a) The motif of color.
(b) The motif of water.
(c) The motif of light.
(d) The motif of darkness.

4. With Mattie, Ethan feels ____________________.
(a) Bitter.
(b) Understood.
(c) Pressure to succeed.
(d) Brave enough to stand up to his wife.

5. What spark in Ethan had not been completely extinguished by the Starkfield winters?
(a) A spark of curiosity.
(b) A spark of life.
(c) A spark of sociability.
(d) A spark of industry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ethan is initially drawn to Zeena because __________________________________.

2. When Ethan returns to Mattie, he tells her _______________________________.

3. Zeena finally stopped criticizing Mattie when __________________________________.

4. Ethan dreads Zeena's trips to the doctor because _____________________________.

5. Why does Ethan hide outside the church when waiting for Mattie?

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