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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan tries to disguise Mattie's unskilled efforts at housekeeping by ______________________________.
(a) Claiming that she should not be asked to work.
(b) Quietly asking her to do her chores over again.
(c) Sneaking downstairs to clean up during the night.
(d) Doing most of her chores for her.

2. Ethan now sees the cemetery as ____________________________.
(a) The threat of death.
(b) The threat of stagnancy.
(c) The promise of excitement and the unknown.
(d) The promise of continuance and stability.

3. Ethan tries to avoid accompanying his wife to bed by claiming ________________________________.
(a) He has to rebuild the fire.
(b) He has work to do in his study.
(c) He has to go over the mill accounts.
(d) He has to tend to the horses.

4. Why does Ethan hide outside the church when waiting for Mattie?
(a) He does not know where Mattie is.
(b) He is waiting to see if she will accept Eady's marriage proposal.
(c) He is waiting to see if she is going to ride home with her friends.
(d) He is afraid to enter the church because he does not know anyone.

5. While they walk home, Ethan expresses his concern that Mattie will __________________________.
(a) Get a bad reputation for dancing with so many men.
(b) Leave them soon to get married.
(c) Get a cold from walking home so often.
(d) Leave them soon to find another job.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ethan returned to Starkfield, he missed ____________________________.

2. When Ethan arrives, he ____________________________.

3. Ethan is unpleasantly surprised when his wife notices __________________________________.

4. What gives Ethan's kitchen a "homelike look?"

5. Ethan claims sledding is dangerous on a night like this one because ___________________________________.

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