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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan makes Mattie uncomfortable when he mentions __________________________________.
(a) Denis Eady coming to visit her at the house.
(b) Ruth and Ned kissing behind the trees.
(c) How beautiful she looks under the lamp.
(d) Her clumsiness with the pickle dish.

2. Zeena has packed her bag in order to _________________________________.
(a) Threaten to leave Ethan.
(b) Travel to the Flats to pick up a hired girl.
(c) Travel to Bettsbridge to see a new doctor.
(d) Bring Mattie to the train station.

3. Who visited Mattie while Ethan was away during the day?
(a) Andrew Hale.
(b) Daniel Byrne.
(c) Jotham Powell.
(d) Denis Eady.

4. What is happening at the church at midnight?
(a) Christmas Eve is being celebrated.
(b) A town meeting is taking place.
(c) The church services are taking place.
(d) The church social is taking place.

5. Though Ethan's studies were brief, the author states that he became aware of
(a) The several dimensions of life.
(b) Absolute truth and literal meanings.
(c) The many levels of consciousness.
(d) Cloudy meanings behind the daily face of things.

Short Answer Questions

1. What motif continues to suggest a promise of happiness or well-being for Ethan at the start of Chapter 4?

2. Ethan and Mattie talk frankly for the first time about __________________.

3. Zeena believes Mattie enjoys living in Starkfield only because ______________________________.

4. Mattie lives with the Fromes because ____________________________.

5. What spark in Ethan had not been completely extinguished by the Starkfield winters?

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