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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan and Mattie discuss the marriage of ________________________.
(a) Jothan and Mattie.
(b) Mattie and Denis.
(c) Ethan and Zeena.
(d) Ned and Ruth.

2. What gives Ethan's kitchen a "homelike look?"
(a) Flowers Ethan brings for Mattie.
(b) Mattie's cleaning.
(c) Zeena's absence.
(d) The new stove Ethan put in.

3. Ethan is dismayed to find ________________________.
(a) Mattie is forced to dance with an undesirable partner.
(b) Mattie standing alone in a corner.
(c) Mattie dancing happily with the grocer's son.
(d) Mattie has disappeared into the crowd.

4. When Zeena opens the door, Ethan is surprised by _______________________.
(a) Her refusal to let them enter.
(b) Her gaunt appearance.
(c) Her cold nature.
(d) Her excitement over their return.

5. What gives Ethan a sense of mastery at the end of the chapter?
(a) Building a fire and cleaning up the house.
(b) Quelling Mattie's fears over the broken pickle dish.
(c) Knowing he had deceived Zeena.
(d) Giving Mattie orders.

Short Answer Questions

1. Zeena's cat ____________________________.

2. Ethan recognizes Mattie by her _________________________.

3. Because Ethan is too afraid to touch Mattie, he settles for _______________________________.

4. Ethan looks forward to the walks to meet Mattie because ______________________________.

5. Ethan feels too constrained to try to touch Mattie inside the house because ____________________________________________.

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