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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Zeena opens the door, Ethan is surprised by _______________________.
(a) Her excitement over their return.
(b) Her refusal to let them enter.
(c) Her gaunt appearance.
(d) Her cold nature.

2. Ethan now sees the cemetery as ____________________________.
(a) The threat of death.
(b) The promise of excitement and the unknown.
(c) The threat of stagnancy.
(d) The promise of continuance and stability.

3. Ethan is please to find that ______________________________.
(a) He can share some of his passions with Mattie.
(b) He can tell Mattie of his troubles with Zeena.
(c) He can marry Mattie when Zeena dies.
(d) He can leave Mattie to take care of herself.

4. Wharton compares the darkened farmhouses to ________________.
(a) Haunted houses.
(b) Sanctuaries.
(c) Hospitals.
(d) Gravestones.

5. Zeena does not want to move from Starkfield because ________________________________________.
(a) She loves the farm life.
(b) She loves the town and its people.
(c) She feels threatened by the townspeople and is afraid to leave the house.
(d) She feels superior to the townspeople, and this gives her comfort.

Short Answer Questions

1. Zeena has packed her bag in order to _________________________________.

2. Ethan does his clearest thinking while _______________________________.

3. How is the pickle dish broken?

4. Who almost runs into the elm when sledding?

5. Mattie is afraid ______________________________________________.

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