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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mattie's only skills include _______________________________________.
(a) Making dresses and singing.
(b) Making candy, playing piano minimally, and reciting poetry.
(c) Book-keeping and clerical work.
(d) Making medicine, nursing others, and household chores.

2. While Mattie dances, Ethan notices ________________________________.
(a) That she seems detached and uninterested in other men.
(b) That she uses the same gestures with other men that she uses with him.
(c) That she seems eager to find a husband in the crowd.
(d) That she uses gestures he has never seen before.

3. Ethan is dismayed to find ________________________.
(a) Mattie standing alone in a corner.
(b) Mattie is forced to dance with an undesirable partner.
(c) Mattie has disappeared into the crowd.
(d) Mattie dancing happily with the grocer's son.

4. Mattie worries that Zeena ______________________________.
(a) Is not satisfied with Ethan's farming abilities.
(b) Is jealous of Mattie's money.
(c) Is not satisfied with her work.
(d) Is jealous of Mattie's affair with Ethan.

5. Zeena believes Mattie enjoys living in Starkfield only because ______________________________.
(a) Mattie has her sights set on marriage.
(b) Mattie can live rent-free with Zeena and Ethan.
(c) Mattie has no other place to go.
(d) Mattie is in love with Ethan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mattie lives with the Fromes because ____________________________.

2. Ethan enjoys following Zeena's orders at first because ___________________________________________.

3. Zeena believes Mattie will leave soon because ______________________________.

4. Ethan is please to find that ______________________________.

5. While they walk home, Ethan expresses his concern that Mattie will __________________________.

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