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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gives Ethan's kitchen a "homelike look?"
(a) Flowers Ethan brings for Mattie.
(b) Mattie's cleaning.
(c) The new stove Ethan put in.
(d) Zeena's absence.

2. Zeena finally stopped criticizing Mattie when __________________________________.
(a) Mattie asked Zeena to train her properly.
(b) Mattie begged Zeena's forgiveness.
(c) Mattie grew stronger and more competent.
(d) Mattie grew silent and obedient.

3. Zeena's family is offended by Mattie's father because _______________________________________.
(a) He moved to Connecticut and became financially successful.
(b) He moved west during the Gold Rush.
(c) He moved to Connecticut and got an education.
(d) He moved away from the hills and never spoke to them again.

4. Wharton compares the darkened farmhouses to ________________.
(a) Sanctuaries.
(b) Hospitals.
(c) Gravestones.
(d) Haunted houses.

5. Ethan does his clearest thinking while _______________________________.
(a) Working familiar outdoor tasks.
(b) Talking to Zeena.
(c) Feeding the horses.
(d) Driving the lumber to town.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mattie is encouraged to enjoy evenings out because _______________________________.

2. Wharton compares the chill in the Frome's kitchen to ______________________________.

3. What is happening at the church at midnight?

4. While Mattie dances, Ethan notices ________________________________.

5. How is the pickle dish broken?

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