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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Zeena believes Mattie enjoys living in Starkfield only because ______________________________.
(a) Mattie has her sights set on marriage.
(b) Mattie can live rent-free with Zeena and Ethan.
(c) Mattie is in love with Ethan.
(d) Mattie has no other place to go.

2. Ethan does his clearest thinking while _______________________________.
(a) Talking to Zeena.
(b) Working familiar outdoor tasks.
(c) Feeding the horses.
(d) Driving the lumber to town.

3. When Ethan and Mattie arrive at home, they cannot find _______________________.
(a) The key to the house.
(b) The sled.
(c) The keys to the car.
(d) The key to the barn.

4. While Mattie dances, Ethan notices ________________________________.
(a) That she uses the same gestures with other men that she uses with him.
(b) That she seems eager to find a husband in the crowd.
(c) That she uses gestures he has never seen before.
(d) That she seems detached and uninterested in other men.

5. Which of her partners offers Mattie a ride home?
(a) Lawyer Varnum.
(b) Andrew Hale.
(c) Denis Eady.
(d) Jothan Powell.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ethan recognizes Mattie by her _________________________.

2. Mattie worries that Zeena ______________________________.

3. What is happening at the church at midnight?

4. Ethan dreads Zeena's trips to the doctor because _____________________________.

5. Ethan returns home early because ___________________________________________.

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