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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan resists following his wife upstairs because __________________________________________.
(a) He does not want to give in to Zeena's demands.
(b) He does not want Mattie to watch them go up to bed together.
(c) He does not want Mattie to see him show kindness to Zeena.
(d) He does not want Mattie to be left downstairs alone.

2. When Zeena suggests that Mattie has "taken from her" the one she cared about most of all, she is referring to _____________________________.
(a) Her red pickle dish.
(b) Mattie's father.
(c) A tea towel.
(d) The cat.

3. The sled allows Ethan a feeling of ________________.
(a) Duty.
(b) Submission.
(c) Escape.
(d) Doom.

4. As he travels to town, Ethan dreams about ______________________________.
(a) Spending his evening with Mattie like a married couple.
(b) His mother's presence in his home.
(c) Spending his evening waiting for Zeena to arrive.
(d) Zeena's illness and death.

5. Why does Ethan insist on sitting in the front of the sled?
(a) He wants to absorb the shock when they hit the elm.
(b) He wants to feel the air in his face.
(c) He wants to feel Mattie's arms around him.
(d) He wants to be able to steer the sled.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ethan needs to go into town to run what errand?

2. Ethan's goal is to reach Starkfield ____________________________.

3. Ethan looks forward to the walks to meet Mattie because ______________________________.

4. What happens to Ethan's horse?

5. In his anguish, Ethan finds the nerve to _____________________.

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