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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mattie tried stenography and bookkeeping, _________________________________.
(a) She became valuable to her family members.
(b) Her health broke down.
(c) Her attitude prevented her from succeeding.
(d) She had great success.

2. Mattie lives with the Fromes because ____________________________.
(a) She is a friend of the family who needed work.
(b) She is Ethan's cousin, and acts as their housekeeper.
(c) She is Zeena's cousin and acts as her aid.
(d) She is a hired girl acting as Zeena's aid.

3. Wharton compares Mattie's hair to "a drift of mist on the moon," which suggests ___________________________.
(a) Fantasy and impermanence.
(b) Fear and doom.
(c) Logic and reality.
(d) Ugliness and coarseness.

4. Ethan is unpleasantly surprised when his wife notices __________________________________.
(a) That he has taken to sleeping in his office.
(b) That he is envious of Michael Eady.
(c) That he has taken to shaving every day since Mattie arrived.
(d) That he is always late for work since Mattie arrived.

5. When Zeena opens the door, Ethan is surprised by _______________________.
(a) Her cold nature.
(b) Her gaunt appearance.
(c) Her excitement over their return.
(d) Her refusal to let them enter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Most of their quiet or intimate moments are interrupted by _____________________.

2. When Ethan arrives, he ____________________________.

3. Ethan is dismayed to find ________________________.

4. What word best describes the mood of the scene between Ethan and Mattie?

5. The Fromes take Mattie into their home because ____________________________________.

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