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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan dreads Zeena's trips to the doctor because _____________________________.
(a) They cost so much.
(b) She returns sicker than she was when she left.
(c) He does not believe she is sick.
(d) She never trusts what the doctors say.

2. Ethan returns home early because ___________________________________________.
(a) He is afraid Jotham Powell will suspect his love for Mattie.
(b) He cannot get the horses to town safely.
(c) He is afraid there will be trouble between Mattie and Zeena.
(d) He is afraid to face Mr. Hale and ask for money.

3. Ethan is unpleasantly surprised when his wife notices __________________________________.
(a) That he is envious of Michael Eady.
(b) That he has taken to sleeping in his office.
(c) That he has taken to shaving every day since Mattie arrived.
(d) That he is always late for work since Mattie arrived.

4. While they walk home, Ethan expresses his concern that Mattie will __________________________.
(a) Leave them soon to find another job.
(b) Get a bad reputation for dancing with so many men.
(c) Leave them soon to get married.
(d) Get a cold from walking home so often.

5. Who almost runs into the elm when sledding?
(a) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hale.
(b) Mattie Silver and Denis Eady.
(c) Zeena and Ethan Frome.
(d) Ned Hale and Ruth Varnum.

Short Answer Questions

1. Most of the story takes place during which season?

2. Ethan now sees the cemetery as ____________________________.

3. Mattie lives with the Fromes because ____________________________.

4. When Zeena opens the door, Ethan is surprised by _______________________.

5. Ethan is dismayed to find ________________________.

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