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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan feels too constrained to try to touch Mattie inside the house because ____________________________________________.
(a) The house reminds him of his wedding day.
(b) The house has too many implications of order and conformity.
(c) The house seems to store up guilt and confessions.
(d) The house has too many happy memories of Zeena.

2. Ethan makes Mattie uncomfortable when he mentions __________________________________.
(a) Denis Eady coming to visit her at the house.
(b) Her clumsiness with the pickle dish.
(c) How beautiful she looks under the lamp.
(d) Ruth and Ned kissing behind the trees.

3. Wharton compares Mattie's hair to "a drift of mist on the moon," which suggests ___________________________.
(a) Logic and reality.
(b) Ugliness and coarseness.
(c) Fear and doom.
(d) Fantasy and impermanence.

4. Ethan claims sledding is dangerous on a night like this one because ___________________________________.
(a) It is bad luck to sled when there is no moon outside.
(b) It is so dark that they might not find their way home.
(c) It is so dark that they might hit the elm tree.
(d) It is so cold that he would not be able to steer the sled.

5. Ethan's mother suggested she was listening to ___________________________.
(a) Voices from the cemetery.
(b) The radio.
(c) The television.
(d) Voices in her head.

Short Answer Questions

1. Wharton compares the darkened farmhouses to ________________.

2. Ethan and Mattie talk frankly for the first time about __________________.

3. How has Mattie changed her appearance for Ethan?

4. Zeena asks Ethan if Jotham Powell can _________________________.

5. Ethan and Jotham put off their trip into town because ________________________.

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