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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethan makes Mattie uncomfortable when he mentions __________________________________.
(a) Ruth and Ned kissing behind the trees.
(b) How beautiful she looks under the lamp.
(c) Denis Eady coming to visit her at the house.
(d) Her clumsiness with the pickle dish.

2. Ethan does his clearest thinking while _______________________________.
(a) Working familiar outdoor tasks.
(b) Talking to Zeena.
(c) Driving the lumber to town.
(d) Feeding the horses.

3. Ethan dreads Zeena's trips to the doctor because _____________________________.
(a) She returns sicker than she was when she left.
(b) She never trusts what the doctors say.
(c) They cost so much.
(d) He does not believe she is sick.

4. Ethan's room is unusable for several months of the year because ______________________________________.
(a) He had to move the stove to Mattie's room, so the study has no heat.
(b) It faces the sunlight in the west.
(c) Zeena uses it for storage.
(d) Zeena uses it as a sewing room in the winter.

5. Since the previous night, Ethan feels a sense of _______________.
(a) Contentment.
(b) Dread.
(c) Euphoria.
(d) Fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Ethan warms himself by the stove, Mattie _______________________.

2. Ethan knows he cannot leave Starkfield with Mattie because ________________________________________.

3. Ethan and Mattie talk frankly for the first time about __________________.

4. What room did Ethan create for himself when he returned from college?

5. Zeena instructs Jotham Powell to ________________________________________.

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