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Starkfield, Massachusetts

The name of the town in Ethan Frome, representing a bleak, cold and dismal environment.

Mattie's cherry-colored scarf

A cheerful, lovely article of clothing that Ethan associates with its owner's personality.

The elm tree

The giant physical obstacle that stands in the way of sledders on a hill.

Mattie's crimson hair ribbon

Ethan is attracted to the sight of this vibrant article Mattie wears on the night Zeena leaves them alone in the house together.

Zeena's pickle-dish

Zeena's treasure, broken by the cat on the night Mattie and Ethan eat dinner alone together.

Ethan's study

The small room that Ethan uses to escape the daily feelings of loneliness and the dreariness of his life with Zeena.

The sled

Ethan and Mattie ride on this object on the night they try to kill themselves.

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