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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Students will consider the characterization of Ethan Frome in Chapter 1.


1) As a whole group, students will brainstorm a list of Ethan's characteristics revealed in Chapter 1. Reviewing the list, students will discuss the methods of characterization the author uses to create the character of Ethan Frome, using specific examples to support their ideas.

2) In small groups, students will identify any form of characterization, such as dialogue, description, action, etc, the author uses to reveal Ethan Frome in Chapter 1. Groups will find specific examples of their form of characterization in the chapter, and share these aloud with the class.

3) Individually, students will write a paragraph describing Ethan Frome's character using specific examples from Chapter 1. Sharing these aloud, students will contribute to a whole-group discussion on the author's characterization of Ethan in Chapter 1.

4) For homework, students will write a one-page journal predicting future events in the novel based...

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