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Images of Ethan

Students will create a visual image of Ethan Frome, incorporating any relevant textual references into the image itself.

Most Likely to Stay in Starkfield

Students will create a Most LIkely To... list for any of Starkfield's young people, including Ethan Frome, Zeena, Mattie Silver, Ned Hale, Denis Eady, Ruth Varnum, etc.


Students will create a first person description of Frome and the key points of his story, considering his characterization, and the words he might use to describe himself.

Glass Houses

Students will create an image of any home in Starkfield, portraying both the outside appearance of the house, visible to the public, and the true condition of the house and its inhabitants inside.

Sled Routes

Students will write alternate endings to the novel that might have been if the sled had not crashed into the elm tree.

Colored Stuff

Considering the symbolism of...

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