Ethan Frome Character Descriptions

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Dennis Eady - The son of an ambitious Irish grocer, this character has a reputation for his pursuit of the young women of Starkfield.

Ethan Frome - When this defeated character's engineering studies are brought to an end by family crises, he is forced into caring for the family farm and for his wife of seven years.

Zeena Frome - See Zenobia Frome

Zenobia Frome - This character is an unhappy, malady-plagued wife of another character, who is thirty-five and "already an old woman."

Harmon Gow - This "village oracle" knows the history of all the families in Starkfield, and he begins to unravel Ethan Frome's story for the narrator.

Andrew Hale - This character is a builder and an old friend of Ethan's family.

Mrs. Ned Hale - This character is a middle-aged widow with whom the narrator stays while he is in Starkfield.

Narrator -...

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