Objects & Places from Eternity in Their Hearts

Don Richardson
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This was an ancient Canaanite city whose name meant peace.


This place was also known as the Place of the Skull and was the site of crucifixions.


This country's religion was mostly Buddhism, although smaller ethnic groups converted to Christianity.

The Abrahamic Covenant

This was a promise for blessings and to bring blessings to the world through one man.

The Lost Book

This was a document that many groups of people in Burma, China, and India believed they had lost. They were waiting for someone to bring it to them again.


This was a name for a supreme being who created everything.

The Sodom Factor

This was a human tendency to worship idols instead of God and was named after a Biblical city that was destroyed.

The Abraham Factor

This was a special revelation from God, and it could include divine visions, dreams, or...

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