Eternity in Their Hearts Character Descriptions

Don Richardson
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This person lived about 4,000 years ago, was called by God to leave his homeland, and entered into a covenant with God.

The Apostle Paul

This person was a Jew and a Roman citizen who persecuted early Christians until he had a vision and became a Christian.


This person was a King of the Canaanite city of Salem and a priest of God.


This person was a prophet from Crete who set up altars to an unknown god in Athens to end a plague.


This person was an Incan king who built Machu Picchu.

Lars Skrefsrud

This person was a Norwegian missionary to India and the Santal people group in the 1800s.

Jesus Christ

This person was a Jew who was believed to be the Son of God in human form.

Adoniram Judson

This person was an American Baptist missionary in Burma in the early...

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