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Don Richardson
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Part I: A World Prepared for the Gospel, The Melchizedek Factor; Chapter 1: Peoples of the Vague God, pp. 9-23

• Five or six hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ in the city-state of Athens, many people were dying from a plague and begging for help from the gods.

• However, nothing seemed to stop the plague.

• Nicias, a city elder, announced that the oracle had declared that they needed to send for Epimenides of Crete.

• When Epimenides came to Athens, he was amazed to see all the idols and wondered if Athens had too many gods.

• Epimenides commanded the people to bring stones, mortar, and black and white sheep the next morning.

• In the morning, Epimenides offered a prayer to an unknown god, and he told the people to let the sheep graze.

• If a sheep would lie down rather than grazing, it was to be sacrificed to...

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