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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the treat Esperanza remembers from an earlier time in Zacatecas?

2. What is the one thing Juan's daughter does NOT brag about to Esperanza?

3. What is in the trunk that the visitors have left in Chapter 3?

4. Mama seems to accept the situation, and once in the cabin, what does she do that Esperanza cannot understand?

5. In Chapter 1, which birthday is Esperanza eagerly anticipating?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although Mama is very patient with Esperanza's huge social adjustment, there is one time when she tells Esperanza that she is ashamed of her. Explain how Esperanza embarrassed her mother.

2. How does Esperanza's babysitting skills progress as Chapter 8 develops?

3. When Esperanza details the things she misses about her mother, why is she so surprised at herself?

4. What has Papa said about Tio Luis and Tio Marco that suggest that they are not men he admires?

5. How does Papa impart his love of the land to Esperanza?

6. What is the substance of the lecture Mama offers Esperanza when she realizes Alfonso and Hortensia hear Esperanza whining?

7. How does the author add to the suspense when she has Miguel present Abuelita?

8. In what way is the ruined rose garden a symbol?

9. When Esperanza and her mother approach the immigration counter, how does Mama manage to display her dignity?

10. What disappointment does MIguel face on his first day at the camp in California?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Through the trials and experiences of the Ortega family, the reader is given a portrayal of the life of Mexican workers in the United States. What is the impression that Ryan gives of this life and what are the central events or images that contribute to this portrayal?

Essay Topic 2

All of the chapter titles of this novel are names of fruit. After reading the novel, explain why Pam Munoz Ryan, the author might have chosen to title the chapters in this way.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the theme of perseverance in Esperanza Rising.

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