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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Esperanza consider to be her best friend?
(a) Chita.
(b) Lola.
(c) Marisol.
(d) Bertina.

2. Who is the friend that Esperanza looks forward to spending time with right after her birthday?
(a) Miguel.
(b) Maria.
(c) Marisol.
(d) Abuelita.

3. When Mama sits Esperanza down in the cabin to talk to her, what is the essence of Mama's lecture to Esperanza?
(a) Esperanza is making a fool of herself.
(b) Esperanza can choose to be happy or miserable.
(c) Esperanza is ruining her chances of getting one of the better jobs.
(d) Esperanza is making her mother depressed.

4. What is it that Esperanza plays with on the train until interrupted by another child?
(a) Her doll.
(b) Her mother's purse.
(c) Her puzzles.
(d) Her ivory chess set.

5. When Esperanza's first birthday morning visitor comes, what does he bring for her?
(a) Flowers.
(b) Pinatas.
(c) Baloons.
(d) Papayas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Abuelita's opinion of Ramona's idea of how they will survive and support themselves?

2. After Mama talks with Esperanza in the cabin, what does Esperanza promise her mother?

3. When Abuelita is trying to get out of the house in Chapter 3, what does she manage to grab and rescue?

4. In Chapter 5, what is the name of the border town where the travelers face an immigration review?

5. What does Mama do for the child who interrupted Esperanza's playing on the train?

Short Essay Questions

1. When all are planning to work in California, Esperanza says she will work, and everyone laughs. What tone did the author intend for this laugh?

2. The harvest is a time when all farmers have their work rewarded, so it is easy to understand why it is their favorite time of year. Why does Esperanza imply that it is her favorite time of year?

3. In what way does the author's description of what survived the fire reveal the degree of ruin?

4. What is the substance of the lecture Mama offers Esperanza when she realizes Alfonso and Hortensia hear Esperanza whining?

5. How does Senor Rodriguez's gift of papayas renew the grief Esperanza already feels for the loss of her father?

6. Esperanza meets Marta, a girl they pick up in the truck, who is friendly with Isabel. How is Marta's reaction to Esperanza different from the treatment she had from Isabel?

7. What is the symbolism of the author having Alfonso and his son Miguel be the ones who return to the ranch with the dead body of Papa?

8. What has Papa said about Tio Luis and Tio Marco that suggest that they are not men he admires?

9. Every chapter is named after a fruit, and that fruit has a role in the action of the chapter. This chapter is "The Guavas." What role do the guavas play in the action of Chapter 4?

10. Mama seems quick to interpret Esperanza's cut finger as a omen involving her husband. Why might she be preoccupied with his safety at this time?

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