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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On Christmas day, what does Esperanza see that she wishes she could give to her mother?
(a) A red coat with a shiny pin.
(b) A Christmas tree.
(c) A statue.
(d) A Pinata.

2. Early in Chapter 11, what is Esperanza's criticism of the strikers?
(a) They were dirty.
(b) Their language was vulgar.
(c) They were abusive to their own people.
(d) They only listen if you agree with them.

3. On Saturday night, what do the women do together that Esperanza actually enjoys?
(a) Shelling almonds.
(b) Singing.
(c) Cooking.
(d) Bathing.

4. How do Irene and Melina help the Ortega household?
(a) They help Esperanza with the babysitting.
(b) They bring soup to Mama.
(c) They help Esperanza with the cooking.
(d) They help Esperanza with the cleaning.

5. While the camp is having a party, who comes to encourage the workers to strike?
(a) Ramon.
(b) Emmanuel.
(c) Marta.
(d) Frederico.

6. Who does Esperanza find hiding after the officials leave?
(a) Isabel.
(b) Marta.
(c) Irene.
(d) Melina.

7. What is the one thing Esperanza does NOT assure Mama of before she leaves the hospital on the day she gets her diagnosis?
(a) She will bring Abuelita to her.
(b) She will work.
(c) She will pay the bills.
(d) She will take care of everything.

8. In a conversation between Esperanza and Isabel, where does Isabel tell Esperanza that Marta was born?
(a) Mexico City.
(b) In a town far from their own town in Mexico.
(c) In the United States.
(d) In a town near their own town in Mexico.

9. When Esperanza and her mother are together in Chapter 7, what does Mama confess she misses?
(a) Her garden.
(b) Her servants.
(c) Her dresses.
(d) Her house.

10. The title of Chapter 8 is Las Ciruelas, the plums. What is the significance of the plums in this chapter?
(a) The plums cause the babies' sickness.
(b) The plums are part of what Esperanza cooks for dinner.
(c) The plums are what she gives to a hungry child.
(d) The plums are what Esperanza shines and puts on the table.

11. What spring crop does Esperanza notice seems to be replaced with new tall plants almost instantly after being picked?
(a) Broccoli.
(b) Celery.
(c) Corn.
(d) Asparagus.

12. In Chapter 8, what kind of storm forces the workers back to the cabin?
(a) Hail.
(b) Dust.
(c) Wind.
(d) Thunder.

13. When Esperanza goes to bed after the strike, what does she worry about?
(a) Josefina seeming to be sick.
(b) What would happen to her mother if she were picked up and taken away.
(c) Miguel taking care of himself at work.
(d) Horensia seeming to be sick.

14. Who is Mr. Yakota?
(a) The market owner.
(b) The foreman.
(c) The strike organizer.
(d) The doctor's nephew.

15. What is one thing the workers do NOT find among asparagus bundles?
(a) Snakes.
(b) Rats.
(c) Broken glass.
(d) Drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the first crop of harvest time is picked, what is the next crop ready to harvest?

2. On the morning after the strike, what does Esperanza see hanging from a tree?

3. What is the surprise Alfonso and Miguel show the women after dinner in Chapter 7?

4. On the morning after the strike, of whom does Esperanza ask a favor?

5. When Esperanza does the family marketing for the first time, what does Esperanza give to the poor man who approaches her and Isabel?

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