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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the fire, which of the Ortega family relatives comes to visit?
(a) Tio Luis.
(b) Tia Ana.
(c) Tio Marco.
(d) Tia Maria.

2. Who is Sixto?
(a) Esperanza's father.
(b) The boss of the field workers.
(c) The son of one of the field workers.
(d) The mayor.

3. Who are Papa's older step brothers?
(a) Ramon and Wilson.
(b) Roberto and Leo.
(c) Tio Luis and Tio Marco.
(d) Cayo and Minte.

4. In the recollection that Hortensia told about bandits in the house, where did she say that she hid with Esperanza?
(a) Underneath the bed.
(b) In the barn.
(c) In the closet.
(d) In the horse stable.

5. In Chapter 1, which birthday is Esperanza eagerly anticipating?
(a) Her twelfth.
(b) Her fourteenth.
(c) Her fifteenth.
(d) Her thirteenth birthday.

6. Mama seems to accept the situation, and once in the cabin, what does she do that Esperanza cannot understand?
(a) Mama yells at her.
(b) Mama starts cooking.
(c) Mama takes a nap.
(d) Mama sings.

7. Who is Alfonso?
(a) Esperanza's father.
(b) The mayor.
(c) The son of one of the field workers.
(d) The boss of the field workers.

8. When Ramona is weighing her options, who explains her options?
(a) Tio Luis.
(b) Alfonso.
(c) Tio Marco.
(d) Hortensia.

9. When Esperanza wanders away from the picnic, what does she do?
(a) She "talks" to her father.
(b) She lies on the ground.
(c) She picks flowers.
(d) She prays.

10. What is Abelitia's parting gift to Esperanza?
(a) A poem.
(b) A basket of figs.
(c) A scarf.
(d) A blanket.

11. When Esperanza talks with Isabel, who does Esperanza say will come soon to rescue them and move them out of the camp?
(a) Tio Luis.
(b) Abuelita.
(c) Tio Marco.
(d) Senor Rodriguez

12. In another recollection in Chapter 4, what was it that Papa rewarded Miguel's courage with?
(a) A horse.
(b) A train ride.
(c) Money.
(d) A belt buckle.

13. What is the job Esperanza and Isabel have at the camp?
(a) They babysit.
(b) They chop vegetables.
(c) They pick strawberries.
(d) They clean bathrooms.

14. What news does Esperanza have for her first birthday morning visitor?
(a) That it is her birthday.
(b) That the harvest is over.
(c) That her father died the day before.
(d) That her mother is ill.

15. When the traveling group reaches the wagon, what is it that Hortensia predicts that Tio Luis has already bragged about?
(a) His new stepchild, Esperanza.
(b) His engagement to Ramona.
(c) His belt buckle.
(d) His run for mayor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mama's reaction to a marriage proposal after Papa's death?

2. What does Mama do for the child who interrupted Esperanza's playing on the train?

3. Who does Esperanza say she will marry some day?

4. On the night of this meeting about Papa's will, Mama, Abuelita, Alfonso and Hortensia meet to discuss something. What do they discuss?

5. When Esperanza is running out of the house in Chapter 3, what does she manage to grab and rescue?

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