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El Rancho de las Rosas - This is a large vineyard owned in Aguascalientes, Mexico that was intentionally burned.

Abuelita's Blanket - This is an object into which pieces of all the women who helped create it are knit.

Porcelain Doll - This is a valuable object that turned out to be a last birthday gift.

Train to Mexicali - This is the method of transportation for Mexican immigrants.

The Secret Package - This contained rose cuttings from a special garden carried to create another special garden.

Cabin - This is horse stall-like house with only two small rooms and walls covered with newspapers.

Strikers' Camp - This location is surrounded by a tall chain link fence where there are no buildings, only a few tents in which people can live.

Workers' Sheds - This is where men bring crops after they are harvested for the women...

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