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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1: There is a very short preamble of sorts on Chapter 1 that is entitled "1924." This section establishes not only the loving relationship between six-year old Esperanza and her father, Papa, but the metaphor of the view that the land around them is alive. The objective of this lesson is to appreciate how the author, Pam Munoz Ryan, creates an extended metaphor.


1. CLASS DISCUSSION OF EXTENDED METAPHOR: The teacher will begin the discussion of extended metaphor by explaining that this is a particular kind of metaphor that continues in the sentences to follow. The first sentence states, "Our land is alive." That is a simple metaphor, comparing two dissimilar things. What are the two things in this metaphor that are being compared? (The land and living things). Find images of the land in the first paragraph that reinforce the idea of the land being alive. (The...

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