Esperanza Rising Character Descriptions

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Esperanza - This character at first wears hand-sewn dresses but later wears second-hand dresses.

Sixto Ortega - This character is called Papi or Papa and is the epitome of a loving, caring father.

Ramona Ortega - Loving, caring, and proud, this character is a true friend to all. She is tall and elegant and has long, black hair, usually braided in a circle around her forehead.

Abuelita - By the end of the story, this character is frail but travels from Mexico to California to be with family.

Alfonso - This character eventually moves to the United States and moves in with his brother's family.

Hortensia - This character is a head housekeeper and has been with the main character ever since she can remember.

Miguel - This character never gives up hope of making more of life in the United States than in Mexico.

Senor Rodriguez...

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