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Chapter 1

• In 1924, Esperanza is six years old living on the family ranch in Mexico, where she is quite happy

• The story skips to six years later at harvest time and Esperanza is almost 13 years old.

• Her father loves the land and allows Esperanza to come to the ceremonial first cut of the grape harvest.

• There is a harvest ceremony with family and workers of the ranch.
• Esperanza cuts her finger while she is picking roses and knows this is considered bad luck.

• Esperanza's mother also sees Esperanza's cut as an omen.

• Meanwhile, Esperanza's "Papa" is late coming in from the fields.

• Day turns to night and Papa doesn't return.

• Finally the mayor, Tio Marco, and the bank president, Tio Luis, return with Papa's belt buckle.

• Later farm hands return with a wagon in which lies Papa's body.

• Mama faints and Esperanza falls to the ground in despair.

Chapter 2

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