Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library Fun Activities

Chris Grabenstein
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Create your own puzzle

Create your own puzzle in the style of Mr. Lemoncello.


Create a diorama of the library or a room in the library.

Mr. Lemoncello's Biography

Write a biography of Mr. Lemoncello. Include the games and other things he is known for.


Kevin takes a shortcut when it comes to the essay contest and at first regrets the decision he made. Discuss with a group shortcuts you have taken and how they have turned out. Were there positive or negative results from taking the shortcuts?

Create a Game

Gather miscellaneous items from your desk/locker or classroom and with a group create a board game that Mr. Lemoncello might have created.


With a partner, both of you should create a rebus. Then exchange puzzles and try solving them.

Your Favorite Room

Write a few paragraphs describing your favorite room in the library...

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