Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library Character Descriptions

Chris Grabenstein
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Kyle Keeley

This character loves games and winning, but cares deeply about people and is willing to share with family members, friends, and teammates.

Charles Chiltington

This character is a spoiled rich kid who has been raised to believe that he should always win every competition or game that he tries; he will go to any lengths to win.

Luigi Lemoncello

This character is an eccentric creator of games who is very rich and who donates money to build the library.

Miguel Fernandez

This character is president of the school's Library Aide Society and tends to be an overachiever.

Sierra Russell

This character enjoys reading more than interacting with people.

Dr. Yanina Zinchenko

This character is a world famous librarian who will be head librarian of the new public library.

Andrew Peckleman

This character works in the library at the middle school and teams up with another kid to...

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