Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Chris Grabenstein
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Chapters 1 - 4

• Because the Keeley brothers are bored one afternoon, they begin playing Mr. Lemoncello’s Indoor-Outdoor Scavenger Hunt game.

• Kyle takes a shortcut through a basement window and manages to beat his older brothers in the game.

• Unfortunately, Kyle breaks a window in his hurry, gets fifty cents deducted from his allowance for the rest of the year, and gets grounded for a week.

• Dr. Yanina Zinchenko, world-famous librarian, oversees the top-secret renovation of a bank built in 1931 into a library being built by an eccentric billionaire.

• Except for a book Kyle receives each year for Christmas from his Grandmother, his room is filled with castoffs from his brothers.

• The only thing Kyle gets to do while being grounded is to go to school; he can’t play video or computer games.

• On the bus, Kyle tries to get his friend Akimi to let him play Mr...

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