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Lesson 1 (from Freedom - A Psychological Problem?)


Freedom - A Psychological Problem?

In the opening remarks of this chapter, Fromm makes a statement about the history of modern Europe and America. This lesson will focus on how freedom is defined and how it is affected by historical events.


1. Partner Discussion: According to Fromm, in what ways has history taught people to fight for their freedom? What connections does he make between freedom and oppression? Name several examples from this chapter where Fromm discusses the forces that man has overthrown in order to achieve freedom. What does Fromm identify as the ultimate expression of individual freedom?

2. Writing Assignment: How did World War I demonstrate a victory for freedom? According to Fromm, how did Hitler exert so much influence over so many? How is this point of view different from what Fromm calls "a common illusion"? Briefly describe Fromm's explanation of democracy in how...

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