Escape from Freedom Character Descriptions

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Martin Luther

This individual was the leader of the Protestant Reformation that occurred in Germany in the 16th century. This person challenged the authority of the Catholic Church.

Adolf HItler

This individual was the leader of the Nazi Party and dictator over Germany at the time Fromm is writing.

Sigmund Freud

This person is the founder of psychoanalysis and a theory of human development based on internal conflicts between different parts of an individual's personality.

John Calvin

This religious figure was a protestant leader in Switzerland. This person emphasized the role of the individual in Christianity, and in Fromm's view reinforces the fear and isolation that emerges in the middle classes.

Max Weber

This educator was a sociologist and economic historian who wrote about work and work ethics, especially among the protestant people of Germany.

Karl Marx

This individual was a philosopher and historian who proposed that economic...

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