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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the Council of Wizardry summon?

2. What does Rincewind tell Eric he must do to claim the Disc?

3. During Rincewind's first conversation with the parrot, what does the parrot say Eric is in need of?

4. Who are the Tezuman going to sacrifice on the top of a pyramid?

5. What do Tezuman stonemasons make a new statue of?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the disturbance in Ankh-Morpork.

2. Describe how Rincewind and the others are saved from being sacrificed.

3. How does Rincewind escape the Dungeon Dimensions?

4. Describe Ezrolith Churn.

5. Why is Eric's greeting by the Tezumen surprising to Rincewind?

6. Why is Astfgl unhappy with the way Quezovercoatl has ruled the Tezumen?

7. How does Rincewind unintentionally aid the Ephebian army?

8. Describe the Tezuman pyramid that Rincewind explores.

9. Describe Rincewind's conversation with the Tsortean café owner.

10. Describe how Eric looks to Rincewind when they first meet.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Eric" has many parallels to our world. Name the characters, objects and places that parallel something from our world. How do they take part in the plot of the novel? How do the Discworld versions vary from our versions? What is the author's purpose in using them?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Astfgl's Hell. How does it differ from traditional Hell? What has every form of torture been adapted to include? Why is traditional Hell more bearable than Astfgl's Hell? Why are the damned happier at the end of the novel? What is Astfgl's Hell a metaphor for?

Essay Topic 3

Define the main conflict of "Eric": man vs. man, man vs. machine/technology, man vs. nature, man vs. self, man vs. society, man vs. supernatural, and man vs. destiny. Cite scenes to reinforce your choice, explaining what makes it central to the plot.

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