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1. Describe Death.

Death lives in a cottage and keeps bees in a black garden. There is nowhere he will not go. Death is a skinny and wears a black robe.

2. Why does Death wear a veil around his bees?

Death wears a veil while he is beekeeping to prevent the bees from entering his skull. Bees fly around in his cranium and give him a headache.

3. Describe the university library.

The university library has an orangutan librarian. The erotic books are kept in vats of crushed ice, and the tantric sex magic books are kept in vats of cold water to prevent them from bursting into flame. Other energetic books have to be nailed shut or kept between steel plates.

4. Describe Ezrolith Churn.

Ezrolith Churn is the 98-year-old Archchancellor of the Council of Wizardry. The Archchancellor didn't want the job of Archchancellor. He has lived to his age by not being any trouble or threat to anyone. He falls asleep during the council's meeting.

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