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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 101-150.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far away does Lavaeolus live from Tsort?
(a) Forty two miles.
(b) 500 kilometers.
(c) One thousand, one hundred and thirty-eight kilometers.
(d) Two hundred miles.

2. What has eaten Corporal Disuse and his squad outside the Tsort gates?
(a) Quezovercoatl.
(b) The Luggage.
(c) Ephebians.
(d) Jaguars.

3. What kills a jaguar during the Tezuman sacrifice?
(a) The parrot.
(b) The Luggage.
(c) Quezovercoatl.
(d) Stray spell.

4. Who refuses to bite through the captive's ropes on the Tezuman pyramid?
(a) The parrot.
(b) The luggage.
(c) Quezovercoatl.
(d) Quirm.

5. Which demon was intended to enter the Pseudopolis gate?
(a) Astfgl.
(b) Quezovercoatl.
(c) Duke Vassenego.
(d) Rincewind.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rincewind's summoner believe his is?

2. Who are the Tezuman going to sacrifice on the top of a pyramid?

3. What does Eric want to be when he grows up?

4. What does Quirm tell Rincewind he was searching for?

5. The creator takes pride in the craftsmanship of a specific aspect of his work. What does the creator say takes years to learn to make?

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