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Lesson 1 (from Page 1-54)


Rincewind is a character that finds danger in running away from it, always finding himself in a ludicrous situation. An example is when he escapes the dungeon dimensions only to be held captive by Eric who believes he is a demon. This lesson will establish the novel's genre as farce.


1) Class Discussion: Ask students to identify the novel's genre, and explain their choices. Define "farce." What characteristics of farce are present in the novel? Is the novel intended to be a farce? What situations fit in this genre? Can the genre be clearly judged from the first scene? Read the first scene as a class, if necessary, to determine the answer.

2) Group Activity: Divide class into groups. Have groups find one example that suggests the novel is a farce for every student in the group. Students will present their selections and describe how they are...

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