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Essay Topic 1

Explain why "Eric" qualifies as a farce. Describe how specific situations, characters, settings, dialogue and narrative fit the genre description. Which of these aspects best fits the genre?

Essay Topic 2

Author Terry Pratchett uses footnotes. Describe the purpose of the footnotes. How do they fit the genre? What do they clarify? Is it necessary to read the author's other Discworld books to understand them? Would the quality and enjoyment of the novel suffer from their absence?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the Disc as a setting. What is possible? What is not possible? What similarities does it share with our world? What is unique about it? Consider the aspects listed below.

a) Society

b) Education

c) Culture

d) Science

e) Beliefs

Essay Topic 4

Examine Rincewind's role as the main character.

Part One: Determine if Rincewind's role is that of a hero or an anti-hero. Use of examples of...

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