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Christopher Paolini
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Eragon and Brom enter the town of Daret?
(a) They find everyone is gone
(b) They are given food and free shelter
(c) They are surrounded by 60 archers
(d) They are attacked by Urgals

2. What had Eragon decided he was going to do with the stone just before it hatched?
(a) Throw it in the river
(b) Bury it in the woods
(c) Sell it
(d) Throw it away

3. What does Angela tell Eragon about the woman that he will have a romance with?
(a) She is a warrior
(b) She is elf
(c) She is noble
(d) She is young

4. What does Jeod claim that they need in the castle for when they are attempting to find the records they need?
(a) Jeod's prize watch
(b) A boating permit
(c) Eragon left something in an office
(d) Jeod's house keys

5. Why does Eragon think he might need to kill the dragon?
(a) The dragon would eat all their animals
(b) Dragon Riders must join the king
(c) Dragons carry Dragon Pox
(d) The dragon might be dangerous

Short Answer Questions

1. What is odd about Garrow's wounds?

2. What does the Shade do with the female Elf?

3. What do Brom and Eragon ride past after leaving Therinsford?

4. What does Eragon and Brom decide to do in order to find the Ra'zac?

5. What does Brom say is the name of those that could do such things to the people in Yazuac?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the chapter titled "An Old Friend" describe what Brom says is the best way to help keep Roran safe?

2. Why does Brom tell Eragon that he must be careful while tracking the Ra'zac that killed Garrow?

3. Describe the relationship between the Shade and the Urgals.

4. What does Brom tell Eragon about the magic that Eragon used to defeat the Urgals?

5. What does Brom tell Eragon in reference to reading other people's minds?

6. Describe the experience that Eragon has when he is able to share Saphira's feelings while in flight?

7. What does the trader reveal about the stone when Eragon and Garrow take it to him?

8. What is Angela able to tell Eragon about his future when she reads the dragon bones?

9. Describe Eragon's first flight on Saphira.

10. What does Brom tell Eragon when Eragon demands to know who was the Dragon Rider that owned the elven made sword Brom gave him?

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