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Christopher Paolini
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Saphira and Eragon fall asleep in the Spire what is Eragon's main concern?
(a) His uncle Garrow
(b) Food
(c) His cousin Roran
(d) Staying warm

2. What happens to the Urgals?
(a) They are killed by the Shade
(b) They are destroyed by the Elf magic
(c) They burst into flames when the sunlight hits them
(d) A dragon eats them

3. After Brom first sees the mark on Eragon's hand what does Brom do as Eragon walks away?
(a) Cries
(b) Begins to pray
(c) Whistles
(d) Laughs

4. What does Eragon tell Saphira was his mistake at Yazuac?
(a) Keeping her egg
(b) Running from the Urgals
(c) Not having kept Saphira closer to him
(d) Following Brom

5. What does Jeod tell the guards when they are seen outside the records room in the castle?
(a) They were returning a document
(b) They have permission to look over the records
(c) They got lost
(d) They saw a cat

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brom say is the name of those that could do such things to the people in Yazuac?

2. What does Brom give Eragon a pebble for?

3. What happens when Eragon climbs onto Saphira's back to calm her?

4. Who is it that Eragon listens to as he tells the story of the dragon riders?

5. What happens when Eragon tells Saphira of the men looking for her egg?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Eragon treated when he enters Sloan's butcher shop?

2. What does Brom tell Eragon about the first Dragon Rider?

3. What is Angela able to tell Eragon about his future when she reads the dragon bones?

4. Why does Eragon try to keep Saphira a secret from his family?

5. Describe Eragon's dream while he was passed out?

6. What does Eragon notice when he looks in the mirror in the chapter "The Witch and the Werecat?"

7. What makes Eragon decide to bury the stone?

8. What does Brom tell Eragon when Eragon demands to know who was the Dragon Rider that owned the elven made sword Brom gave him?

9. What does Brom tell Eragon when Eragon asks about the conversation he heard Brom and Jeod having about Brom being in Carvahall.

10. What does Roran tell Eragon that upsets him in "A Name of Power?"

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