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Christopher Paolini
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eragon realize when he wakes up in his cell?
(a) He has been in this cell before
(b) Saphira is close by
(c) He has been badly injured
(d) He is drugged

2. When Eragon describes the Shade he fought to Ajihad where does Ajihad say that the Shade, Durza, got the scratch on his blade?
(a) Ajihad put it there while fighting Durza
(b) Durza used his sword to kill a dragon
(c) Durza's sword was used to wedge open the gates of death
(d) Durza got it while trying to conjure demons

3. What does Eragon realize about his water?
(a) It has a bug in it
(b) It's icky
(c) It is drugged
(d) It has blood in it

4. What does Eragon find on the elf's body while trying to heal her wounds?
(a) The mark of the unforgiven
(b) Prison ink
(c) Galbatorix's name on her back
(d) Tatoo on her shoulder

5. Where does Murtagh hit the Shade with his arrow?
(a) Achilles heal
(b) In the heart
(c) Between the eyes
(d) In the eart

6. What does Brom give Eragon before he dies?
(a) A ring
(b) His blessing
(c) His sword
(d) Eragon's mother's ring

7. What is Eragon told will happen if he doesn't willingly submit to the mind probing?
(a) Saphira will be killed
(b) They will be thrown back to the Krull
(c) Murtagh will be killed
(d) They will be beheaded at dawn

8. What does Saphira do to control the pain while Eragon and Murtagh pull the arrow from her wing?
(a) Gasp the side of a mountain
(b) Hold a tree between her teeth
(c) Hold a deer in her mouth
(d) Go into a trance using magic

9. What does Murtagh NOT tell Eragon is in the Hadarac Desert?
(a) Dune people
(b) Poisonous and Inedible plants
(c) Venomous snakes
(d) Scorpions

10. What does Arya tell Eragon that makes him feel that he is not in control of his own destiny?
(a) Eragon will be forced to make his home in Dras-Leona
(b) Eragon and Saphira must listen to the elven high council
(c) That he must go to the elves
(d) That he will have to face Galbatorix

11. Who is the first person that Eragon sees after he wakes up?
(a) Orik
(b) Angela
(c) Saphira
(d) Arya

12. What is happening in the cave when Saphira wakes Eragon up?
(a) Murtagh has stolen their horses
(b) The Ra'zac are nearing
(c) Brom is convulsing
(d) Urgals are below the cave enterance

13. When Murtagh becomes angry what does he accuse Eragon of doing to other people?
(a) Make them feel guilty
(b) Cause them uncertainty
(c) Get them into trouble
(d) Force them to take care of him

14. What does Brom tell Eragon a wizard waits on before they begin in a wizard's duel?
(a) To find the center peace within one's self
(b) To think of a wonderful spell
(c) For the bell to ring
(d) To breach the opponents mind

15. Why does Murtagh say he won't join the Varden?
(a) Murtagh believes the king is bad but that the Empire is good
(b) Murtagh blames the Varden for his father's death
(c) Murtagh doesn't like dwarfs
(d) Murtagh hates the Varden

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ajihad say that they believe is the reason for the trouble the Verdan have had against Galbatorix?

2. What does Eragon realize the Twins are trying to do when they ask him to perform a piece of magic?

3. What does Murtagh say about the path leading through the Hadarac Desert?

4. Where does Brom say he has been when he returns on Saphira?

5. When they are out of the Hadarac Desert what does Eragon decide to do to try and save the elf?

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