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Christopher Paolini
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Varden say was Arya's position when they pull her off of Saphira?
(a) The daughter of Ajihad
(b) Traitor to the elves
(c) Dragon-egg courier
(d) Magician to Galbatorix

2. What is the last thing that Eragon has Saphira hide in his memories?
(a) Murtagh's true identity
(b) His feelings for Arya
(c) The death of his uncle
(d) Eragon's mother's name

3. What is the final thing that the Twins ask Eragon to do in his magic test?
(a) Summon the essence of Gold
(b) Bring a corps back to life
(c) Summon the essence of Silver
(d) Summon forth the dead

4. What did the Ra'zac threaten Saphira with that kept her from attacking?
(a) Killing Eragon
(b) An unmerciful pillow fight
(c) Killing Brom
(d) Breaking the remaining eggs

5. What do the Ra'zac decide to do with Brom after they have them all tied up?
(a) Kill him
(b) Absorb Brom's magic
(c) Sacrifice him
(d) Eat him

6. Why does Murtagh say he won't join the Varden?
(a) Murtagh doesn't like dwarfs
(b) Murtagh blames the Varden for his father's death
(c) Murtagh hates the Varden
(d) Murtagh believes the king is bad but that the Empire is good

7. What does the Mourning Sage tell Eragon not to do when Eragon wakes up?
(a) Let his mental barriers down
(b) Tell anyone that they have spoken
(c) Use magic too quickly
(d) Trust the Twins

8. What does Brom say that the priests in Dras-Leona do to make themselves less connected to the mortal world?
(a) Sacrifice animals
(b) Eat dirt from the holy mountain
(c) Cut off pieces of their body
(d) Sacrifice babies

9. What does Saphira put around Brom's tomb using her powers?
(a) A figure of the Dragon Rider's emblem
(b) An air tight casket of diamonds
(c) A sparkling headstone with Brom's picture
(d) The figure of a dragon

10. What do they see while in the Hadarac Desert that makes them feel tiny and awe struck?
(a) Dragon statues
(b) Mighty oaks
(c) Varden's refuge
(d) Beor Mountains

11. What is Eragon told will happen if he doesn't willingly submit to the mind probing?
(a) Saphira will be killed
(b) Murtagh will be killed
(c) They will be thrown back to the Krull
(d) They will be beheaded at dawn

12. What does Murtagh tell Eragon happened after the Shade was killed?
(a) The Urgals turned on each other
(b) A lightening bolt fell onto the remaining armies
(c) The Twins were able to defeat the rest
(d) Elf warriors arrived and helped

13. What does Saphira say about the desert when they finally reach Hadarac?
(a) She thinks that something is beneath the sand
(b) She feels like it is watching them
(c) She feels she was meant for the desert
(d) It is omnious

14. Why does Angela say that she wants to be in Farthen Dur?
(a) She has family that are member of the Varden
(b) She wanted to see the dragon
(c) She came to warn Eragon of troubling news
(d) She wants to be where important things are happening

15. What does Eragon suggest doing to get close to the Ra'zac?
(a) Pretend to be women
(b) Announce that there is a dragon close by
(c) Take the place of the slaves
(d) Introduce themselves as bards

Short Answer Questions

1. What is happening in the cave when Saphira wakes Eragon up?

2. What does Arya tell Eragon that makes him feel that he is not in control of his own destiny?

3. What does the elf, Ayra tell Eragon is the reason that she hasn't regained consciousness since they rescued her from Gil'ead?

4. When Murtagh and Eragon are surrounded while traveling to the Varden what do they men that try and capture them want?

5. Who is the first person that Eragon sees after he wakes up?

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