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Christopher Paolini
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Eragon arrives at the fields for his testing what is he told that they are training for?
(a) Endurance and skill
(b) The olympics
(c) Skill and swiftness
(d) Swiftness and endurance

2. What does Eragon accuse Saphira of when she comments on Arya's shapeless form?
(a) Having a bad sense of humor
(b) Being jelous
(c) Being cranky
(d) Disliking Arya

3. What does the Mourning Sage tell Eragon not to do when Eragon wakes up?
(a) Use magic too quickly
(b) Trust the Twins
(c) Let his mental barriers down
(d) Tell anyone that they have spoken

4. What does Eragon pull out that shocks and seems to anger Murtagh while they are in the cave?
(a) Map of the Empire
(b) A picture of Murtagh's mother
(c) Zar'roc
(d) Dragon bones

5. What does Ajihad say is the only way to kill a Shade?
(a) Throw it into lava
(b) Take it's medalion of power
(c) Shoot it in the eye
(d) Stab it in the heart

6. How do they cross the Ramr River when they come to it?
(a) Saphira flys them across
(b) Eragon uses his magic to create a walk path
(c) They swim
(d) They rent a boat

7. What does Saphira put around Brom's tomb using her powers?
(a) The figure of a dragon
(b) A figure of the Dragon Rider's emblem
(c) An air tight casket of diamonds
(d) A sparkling headstone with Brom's picture

8. Who doe Angela say is the biggest threat to the Varden at that moment with the exception of Galbatorix?
(a) The Ra'zac
(b) Uncertainty
(c) The commander of the Kull
(d) Durza the Shade

9. Why does Murtagh say he won't join the Varden?
(a) Murtagh hates the Varden
(b) Murtagh believes the king is bad but that the Empire is good
(c) Murtagh blames the Varden for his father's death
(d) Murtagh doesn't like dwarfs

10. Who arrives and stops the Twin's testing of Eragon?
(a) Angela
(b) Arya
(c) Orik
(d) Brom

11. What does Murtagh explain that he was doing?
(a) Traveling to a neighboring city
(b) Following the Ra'zac
(c) Hunting night animals
(d) Looking for lost sheep

12. What does Eragon decide to do at Saphira's suggestion in order to slow the Krull's attack while they are in the Beor Mountains' forest?
(a) Call forth spirits to help fight
(b) Use magic to create a storm
(c) Drop rocks on them from the sky
(d) Breath fire

13. What is the last thing that Eragon has Saphira hide in his memories?
(a) The death of his uncle
(b) His feelings for Arya
(c) Eragon's mother's name
(d) Murtagh's true identity

14. What do Eragon and the others feel when they enter the forest of Beor Mountains'?
(a) An unfriendliness
(b) Like they are being watched
(c) Sorrow
(d) Death

15. Why does Eragon believe the elf is unconscious at first?
(a) Hurt
(b) Exhausted
(c) Poisoned
(d) Drugged

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brom tell Eragon before Brom dies?

2. What does Ajihad say that they believe is the reason for the trouble the Verdan have had against Galbatorix?

3. How does the Mourning Sage say to find him?

4. What surprises Eragon when he enters the cathedral?

5. What does Eragon find he can do that will give them water while in the Hadarac Desert?

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