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Christopher Paolini
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eragon decide to do at Saphira's suggestion in order to slow the Krull's attack while they are in the Beor Mountains' forest?
(a) Drop rocks on them from the sky
(b) Use magic to create a storm
(c) Breath fire
(d) Call forth spirits to help fight

2. What does Murtagh say about the path leading through the Hadarac Desert?
(a) It will be easy
(b) He has friends there
(c) It is a desperate path
(d) It is full of slave traders

3. What does Eragon see while in Dras-Leona that makes him extremely angry?
(a) Slaves being sold
(b) The king's orders of high taxes
(c) Women being killed
(d) Animals being sacrificed

4. How does the Mourning Sage say to find him?
(a) Go to Gil'ead
(b) Go with Arya
(c) Go to the sea
(d) Follow the Beor Mountains

5. When Eragon returns to the cave what does Saphira tell Eragon to wear?
(a) Zar'roc
(b) A green tunic
(c) His new shoes
(d) Brom's cloak

6. Where does Murtagh hit the Shade with his arrow?
(a) In the heart
(b) Achilles heal
(c) Between the eyes
(d) In the eart

7. What does Brom tell Eragon before Brom dies?
(a) Brom is Eragon's father
(b) He used Eragon's tooth brush
(c) The Varden are located in the Hadarac Desert
(d) Brom was a Dragon Rider

8. What does Eragon accuse Saphira of when she comments on Arya's shapeless form?
(a) Having a bad sense of humor
(b) Being cranky
(c) Disliking Arya
(d) Being jelous

9. What does Eragon see when he attacks Durza's mind?
(a) The death of Eragon's mother
(b) Durza's plans to take over the Empire
(c) Durza in a green dress
(d) Durza's childhood memories

10. What does the Shade tell Eragon he came for?
(a) To see the Dragon Rider
(b) To spit on him
(c) To tell Eragon when he is to be put to death
(d) To gloat

11. After fleeing from the Ra'zac in Dras-Leona why does Brom say the Ra'zac will be hunting them at night?
(a) They won't want Eragon to escape
(b) The Ra'zac are most powerful at night
(c) The Ra'zac don't sleep
(d) The Ra'zac can see in the dark

12. What is the final thing that the Twins ask Eragon to do in his magic test?
(a) Bring a corps back to life
(b) Summon the essence of Silver
(c) Summon the essence of Gold
(d) Summon forth the dead

13. When they are camped at Leona Lake what happens when Brom and Eragon spar?
(a) Eragon wins
(b) They are attacked
(c) Brom falls into the lake
(d) Brom is cut by Eragon's sword

14. What does Murtagh say is the reason he can't let the Twins into his mind?
(a) His mind is to weak
(b) It hurts too much
(c) It is his last sanctuary
(d) There are secret memories

15. What does Eragon realize the Twins are trying to do when they ask him to perform a piece of magic?
(a) Find out his limits
(b) Make him look stupid
(c) Make him angry
(d) Listen to his words

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Angela say that she wants to be in Farthen Dur?

2. Who is Eragon surprised to see when he wakes up at the beginning of the chapter "Mandrake Root and Newt's Tongue"?

3. Why does Eragon believe the elf is unconscious at first?

4. What do the Varden say was Arya's position when they pull her off of Saphira?

5. When does Ajihad know that Murtagh is the son of Morzan?

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