Eragon: Inheritance Book One Fun Activities

Christopher Paolini
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Saddle Shopping

Eragon needs a new saddle for Saphira. Make a brochure for a saddle company. Be sure that your specs can fit someone with Saphira's "special needs." List information such as payment options (trade for a cow?) as well as materials and what the saddles will hold up to.

Endangered Species

Saphira is an endangered species. Create something that is the equivalent of saving the dolphins or the pandas or the hump back whales. Use any medium desired. Posters, Radio announcement or other.

Report to the King

You are one of the Urgals that made it back from the encounter where Eragon turned down your offer to join his ranks in the chapter "A Costly Mistake." It is your duty to "politely" give the King the account of what happened and that Eragon has turned down the offer to join him.

Shrink's Couch

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