Eragon: Inheritance Book One Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Christopher Paolini
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Essay Topic 1

Eragon and Saphira share a bond and care deeply for each other. Saphira worries about Eragon's safety and he continually worries for her. Explain the concern that each feels for the other. Is one more reasonable to worry about the other? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Look at Eragon's quest when he starts out leaving his home after his uncle Garrow's death. In what way does his quest change as the story develops? In what ways does Eragon change?

Essay Topic 3

Angela read Eragon's future. Is it possible that Eragon wished he hadn't had his future read after Brom's death? In what ways did Angela's reading aid Eragon?

Essay Topic 4

Eragon fights the Shade and after killing him Eragon has many of the Shade's memories.

1) Does this change Eragon's perception of the Shade?

2) Is it possible that there had been any of the young boy left that the...

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