Eragon: Inheritance Book One Character Descriptions

Christopher Paolini
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This character is only 15 and is named after the first Dragon Rider. This character grows from a child who is prone to acting rashly, into an adult who, with his dragon's help, saves a people. He becomes the hero of the Varden and the dwarfs and will travel to the great forests of Du Weldenvarden to be trained by the elves.


This character is a dragon. While still in the egg this dragon is discovered in the woods by a young boy.


This character hides much about his past, and is also the story teller and is a stern teacher. This character is wounded by the Ra'zac and soon dies. Earlier on in his life this character had been a dragon rider but doesn't reveal this until he is about to die.


This character is an elf. This character is captured by the Shade...

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