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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Alan's last name?
(a) Strange
(b) Strang
(c) Sang
(d) Stang

2. How does Alan describe the rides at night?
(a) Untrue
(b) Sexy
(c) Fantastic
(d) Thrilling

3. What does Alan bet all cowboys are?
(a) Orphans
(b) Cowards
(c) Happy
(d) Brave

4. Who does Jill describe as gentle as a baby?
(a) Alan
(b) Nugget
(c) Equus
(d) Herself

5. Who brings Alan to see Dysart?
(a) Hesther
(b) The judge
(c) Dora
(d) A nurse

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alan say he knows more about than Dysart?

2. What did this rider in #43 call the daily ride?

3. Who is Alan standing next to as the play opens?

4. Who shows up to visit Dysart at the end of scene 13?

5. Who are the victims in the ritual killings in the dream?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the one word answer that Alan gives Dysart and what was the question?

2. What happens after Alan leads the horse offstage?

3. Why does Alan have troubles performing with Jill?

4. What does Dysart do when Alan has a nightmare and shouts "Eck" over and over?

5. What did Alan do when the court asked him for an explanation for his actions?

6. What does Dysart apologize to Alan for?

7. What happens when someone rides Equus, according to Alan?

8. What interrupts Dysart and his thoughts about the hypnosis session with Alan?

9. What does Dysart tell Alan after Alan has told him about the scene in the stable?

10. What happens when Jill and Alan are sitting in the theatre?

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