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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alan ask of Equus?
(a) Worship
(b) Another chance
(c) Forgiveness
(d) For him to leave

2. What does Jill say will keep them warm?
(a) The horses
(b) Their body heat
(c) The sheets
(d) Straw

3. What does Alan say he thinks he is in the hospital to be given?
(a) A way out of jail
(b) ECT
(c) Truth drugs
(d) Antidepressants

4. When was the last bad nightmare of Alan's, according to scene 26?
(a) That night
(b) Last month
(c) Last night
(d) Last week

5. Dysart: Sleep. Just sleep....I'm going to make you ______.
(a) Better
(b) Well
(c) Quiet
(d) Normal

6. What did Alan say he did to Jill?
(a) He put it in her
(b) He left her alone
(c) He hit her
(d) He ran away

7. Where does Jill want to go?
(a) A parking lot
(b) Another bar
(c) A makeout place
(d) The stables

8. Dysart says he will take away Alan's field of what?
(a) Horses
(b) Ha ha
(c) Pain
(d) Pleasure

9. Who does Frank say he came to the theater to see?
(a) A business contact
(b) A friend
(c) The manager
(d) Alan

10. Does Alan want to leave the hospital?
(a) He doesn't say
(b) Yes
(c) Maybe
(d) No

11. Who did Alan see at the theater?
(a) His dad
(b) Dalton
(c) Dysart
(d) His mom

12. Dysart says he needs a way of seeing ________.
(a) The answers
(b) The blindness
(c) In the dark
(d) The truth

13. What does Jill want to see that she's never seen before?
(a) A horror movie
(b) A dead person
(c) A fancy restaurant
(d) A skinflick

14. Dysart: There is now, in my mouth, this __________. And it never comes out.
(a) Sharp truth
(b) Bit
(c) Sharp chain
(d) Bridle

15. Who has caused Alan to become very upset and throw a tray at this person?
(a) Dysart
(b) Frank
(c) Dora
(d) Dalton

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Alan having at the beginning of scene 35?

2. What does Alan want as he's waiting?

3. Alan [in terror]: Eyes! ......________ eyes, never closed!

4. Who disappeared from Jill's life?

5. What has Jill read fascinates boys most about girls?

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