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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says the movie was their idea?
(a) Alan and Jill
(b) Jill
(c) Alan
(d) No one

2. Dysart: There is now, in my mouth, this __________. And it never comes out.
(a) Sharp truth
(b) Sharp chain
(c) Bridle
(d) Bit

3. What is Alan having at the beginning of scene 35?
(a) A panic attack
(b) Convulsions
(c) A cigarette
(d) A psychotic break

4. Dysart: After a minute, about a hundred green ___________ will come out of that cupboard singing the Hallelujah Chorus.
(a) Flowers
(b) Men
(c) Children
(d) Snakes

5. What isn't destructive, according to Hesther?
(a) Therapy
(b) Peace
(c) Worship
(d) Dishonesty

6. When was the last bad nightmare of Alan's, according to scene 26?
(a) That night
(b) Last night
(c) Last month
(d) Last week

7. What is the idea that says - Ride or Fall?
(a) The Straw Law
(b) The Horse's Creed
(c) The Prayer of Equus
(d) The Stable Law

8. Who does Frank say he came to the theater to see?
(a) A friend
(b) Alan
(c) A business contact
(d) The manager

9. What does Jill want to see that she's never seen before?
(a) A skinflick
(b) A horror movie
(c) A fancy restaurant
(d) A dead person

10. Dora accuses Dysart of what word being a dirty word in the hospital?
(a) Recovery
(b) Love
(c) Horses
(d) Parent

11. Dysart says that having a session is better than going to _________.
(a) His house
(b) Watch TV
(c) Sleep
(d) Read a book

12. What does Alan want as he's waiting?
(a) A song
(b) A fag
(c) A drink
(d) A book

13. What is the name of the game Dysart wants he and Alan to play?
(a) Motion
(b) Blink
(c) Focus
(d) Stare

14. What does Alan say he thinks he is in the hospital to be given?
(a) ECT
(b) Antidepressants
(c) Truth drugs
(d) A way out of jail

15. Dysart: Why is Equus in chains? Alan: For the _____ of the world.
(a) Weight
(b) Control
(c) Love
(d) Sins

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alan say his stories were during scene 24?

2. Where does Alan like to do instead of going to bed?

3. Dysart: He'll trot on this _________ tamely through the concrete evening.

4. What color does Alan say Nugget is?

5. Where did Alan have a copy of the stable key made?

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