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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alan call Dysart?
(a) A swiz
(b) A liar
(c) An abuser
(d) A cheater

2. What was King Edward the First's other name?
(a) Hammer of the Scots
(b) Hammer of the Brits
(c) Joiner of the Lands
(d) Ruler of the Men

3. Who does Dysart say said "Religion is the opium of the people"?
(a) Marx
(b) Kotb
(c) Stalin
(d) Lenin

4. When did Frank witness the event he talks to Dysart about?
(a) 2 weeks ago
(b) 18 months ago
(c) 12 months ago
(d) 1 month ago

5. What does Frank accuse Dora of doing to Alan?
(a) Spoiling him
(b) Favoring him
(c) Hitting him
(d) Abusing him

6. What kinds of shows did Alan like as a child?
(a) Sci Fi
(b) Murder mysteries
(c) Dramas
(d) Westerns

7. Who does Alan name as his favorite king of England?
(a) King Paul
(b) King Julian
(c) King George
(d) King John

8. What does the Horseman do for Alan?
(a) Gives him the horse
(b) Talks to his parents
(c) Pulls him up onto the horse
(d) Helps him with his sandcastle

9. When does Alan agree to work?
(a) Only on Sundays
(b) On the weekends
(c) Only on Tuesdays
(d) Every day

10. Where did Alan watch his TV?
(a) At the TV store
(b) At his friend's house
(c) At home
(d) He didn't

11. Who is Alan standing next to as the play opens?
(a) Frank
(b) Dora
(c) Nugget
(d) Dysart

12. What did Dalton see to be a sign that the horses were out the previous night?
(a) They were sweaty
(b) They were tired
(c) They were gone
(d) They were dirty

13. What does Dysart try to do when he first meets Alan?
(a) Nothing
(b) Shake his hand
(c) Pat him on the shoulder
(d) Hug him

14. What did this rider in #43 call the daily ride?
(a) A daily ride
(b) A time to relax
(c) Equnation
(d) Equitation

15. What does Alan need to say in order to make the horse go faster?
(a) Giddyup
(b) Let's go
(c) Bear me away
(d) Speed up

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows up to visit Dysart at the end of scene 13?

2. What does Frank call television?

3. Who talks about Alan as he is standing in the beginning of the play?

4. Who talked to Alan about the biological details of the answer to #48?

5. What is Dysart's first name?

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