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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alan say he knows more about than Dysart?
(a) Literature
(b) History
(c) Life
(d) Math

2. Who was the king that never smiled again?
(a) George the First
(b) Henry the First
(c) Roland
(d) Henry the Second

3. What was the name of the horse?
(a) Buttercup
(b) Trojan
(c) Seabiscuit
(d) Nugget

4. What did Alan do when he was questioned in court?
(a) Sang
(b) Danced
(c) Nothing
(d) Cried

5. How old was Alan when the incident with the picture occurred?
(a) 12
(b) 6
(c) 5
(d) 8

6. Who used to ride horses every day?
(a) Frank
(b) Dora
(c) Alan
(d) Alan's uncle

7. What happens to Dysart the night after seeing Alan?
(a) He has a dream
(b) He runs into Alan's parents on the street
(c) He has an accident
(d) He quits

8. What color is Dysart's fireplace?
(a) Black-gray
(b) Salmon pink
(c) White
(d) Red-brown

9. What is Dysart's obsession?
(a) Roman figures
(b) Greek history
(c) Scottish lore
(d) Literature

10. What does Alan need to say in order to make the horse go faster?
(a) Let's go
(b) Giddyup
(c) Bear me away
(d) Speed up

11. What do the other actors in the play pretend to be when Dysart and Alan are speaking in scene 15?
(a) Store customers
(b) Nurses
(c) Jury members
(d) Horses

12. When did Frank witness the event he talks to Dysart about?
(a) 1 month ago
(b) 18 months ago
(c) 12 months ago
(d) 2 weeks ago

13. What does Dysart offer they do?
(a) Tell the truth
(b) Be friends
(c) Go outside
(d) Write

14. When does Jill tell Alan to come up to meet Mr. Dalton?
(a) Saturday
(b) Monday
(c) Wednesday
(d) Sunday

15. What's the name of the shop where Alan used to work?
(a) Bryson's
(b) Bentley's
(c) Bradley's
(d) Brandon's

Short Answer Questions

1. When the horse and the rider were one being, what were they compared to?

2. What does Alan call Dysart?

3. What does Frank want to get rid of?

4. Who comforts Dora when she breaks down?

5. Who brings Alan to see Dysart?

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