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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dora told Alan about when the __________ first arrived in the New World.
(a) Scots
(b) Italians
(c) British
(d) Christian Cavalry

2. What is Dysart's wife's name?
(a) Dora
(b) Hesther
(c) Margaret
(d) Maria

3. What language is 'Equus' from?
(a) Indian
(b) Roman
(c) Latin
(d) Greek

4. Where had Alan found the original picture that used to hang above his bed?
(a) In the trash
(b) On the street
(c) His dad's business
(d) Reeds Art Shop

5. What is the word Frank says he's never forgotten?
(a) Equus
(b) Spunkus
(c) Prankus
(d) Chinkle-chankle

6. What is product mentioned in the first song Alan signs for Dysart?
(a) Panasonic
(b) Big Red gum
(c) Doublemint gum
(d) Magnavox

7. Who used to read Alan horse stories?
(a) Jill
(b) Dalton
(c) Frank
(d) Dora

8. When is Dysart going over to Alan's family's house?
(a) Saturday
(b) Tuesday
(c) Sunday
(d) Monday

9. What does Frank call television?
(a) Swiz
(b) Drivel
(c) Useless
(d) Amazing

10. Who is Alan standing next to as the play opens?
(a) Dora
(b) Dysart
(c) Frank
(d) Nugget

11. Dysart asks Alan what parent forbids him from ____________.
(a) Talking
(b) Watching television
(c) Singing
(d) Leaving his room

12. What does Alan's father do for a living?
(a) Printer
(b) Artist
(c) Teacher
(d) Jurist

13. What happened when Alan's dad took away the picture in #74?
(a) Alan hit him
(b) Alan cried
(c) Alan left
(d) Alan poked out the horses' eyes

14. Who talked to Alan about the biological details of the answer to #48?
(a) Dora and Frank together
(b) Dora
(c) Frank
(d) No one

15. What does Hesther think Dysart is trying to provide for Alan?
(a) A confession
(b) Answers
(c) A normal life
(d) A father figure

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comforts Dora when she breaks down?

2. What age was Alan when he saw this horse?

3. What did this rider in #43 call the daily ride?

4. What biblical event is Alan fascinated with?

5. What does Alan begin to sing about in response to Dysart's question about Eck?

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