Equus Character Descriptions

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Harry Dalton - This character is a stable owner. This character is bitter about another character's blinding of his horses and feels the boy should be in prison, not "in a hospital at the tax-payers' expense."

Martin Dysart - This character is a psychiatrist in his mid-forties.

Horseman - This character provides six-year-old Alan his first experience riding a horse.

Jill Mason - This character is in her early twenties, "pretty and middle class." This character is thought to have had a nervous breakdown near the end of the play.

Hesther Salomon - This character is a magistrate. She pleads with the court to allow the boy a psychiatric evaluation.

Alan Strang - This character is a "lean boy of seventeen," who is arrested after blinding six horses at the stable where he works. He appears very troubled.

Dora Strang - This character is a former...

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