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Short Answer Questions

1. How do Gilgamesh and Enkidu establish their friendship?

2. The elders tell Gilgamesh that he is young and __________ has carried him away in proposing to battle Humbaba.

3. Where does Gilgamesh see the ax in his dream?

4. What two things does Enkidu do that make him like a man?

5. Humbaba promises to be Gilgamesh's what if left alive?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it significant that Gilgamesh cannot stay awake to pass the test Utnapishtim sets before him?

2. What does Ninsun wear to pray to Shamash? Why does she dress this way?

3. Discuss why Enkidu is angered by news of the celebration in Uruk.

4. Discuss Enkidu's interpretations of Gilgamesh's dreams.

5. Who does Gilgamesh decide to find and why does he wish to talk to this person/thing?

6. What does the flood and the salvation of one family represent?

7. Describe Gilgamesh's answer to Siduri about why his appearance is so rough.

8. Describe Gilgamesh's lamentations for Enkidu.

9. Describe the city of Uruk.

10. Describe the monument Gilgamesh has constructed in Enkidu's honor. What precious stones are used? Why are these stones chosen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss fear as it is used in the story. Gilgamesh is afraid to admit when he is afraid but he cries after hearing the elders' description of Humbaba. Enkidu is not afraid to voice his concerns. Enkidu seems to understand that fear can be a positive attribute for a man. Is fear a positive attribute in a hero?

Essay Topic 2

Siduri tells Gilgamesh that the only way to cross the sea is with Utnapishtim's boatman. The sea that he must cross are waters of death. Death is what Gilgamesh is most afraid of. Discuss the significance of Gilgamesh desiring to cross the sea of death in order to find the way to immortality.

Essay Topic 3

Many lines are missing throughout the story. Some are uninterpretable, while others have been destroyed by wear and tear or lost altogether. Discuss the impact missing lines have on the story. How do they affect understanding of events? How difficult is it for translators to piece together a complete story from different manuscripts each with missing lines?

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