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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is made for Siduri?
(a) A golden mashing vat
(b) A golden statue
(c) A golden crown
(d) A golden garment

2. On what side did Gilgamesh give Enkidu a seat?
(a) Behind him
(b) The left
(c) The right
(d) In front of him

3. Who did Gilgamesh get to kiss Enkidu's feet?
(a) The gods
(b) Shamash
(c) The princes of the earth
(d) Ishtar

4. What is the name of the gardener with whom Ishtar falls in love?
(a) Ishullanu
(b) Illanu
(c) Illani
(d) Ishtari

5. How does Gilgamesh cry?
(a) Like soft rain cloud
(b) Like a wailing woman
(c) Like a dove
(d) Like a thunder storm

Short Answer Questions

1. How many pits did Ishtar dig for the lion?

2. What does Enkidu throw at Ishtar?

3. What did Ishtar turn the shepherd into?

4. What does Urshanabi say will happen if the waters touch a man?

5. What animal did Enkidu chase on the steppe?

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